Nerdfest 2007 here I come.

I leave tomorrow morning to attend a week-long geek conference in what's looking to be not-so-sunny Orlando. Tonight, I'm going to see my buddy Doug play guitar for Kasim Sulton (of Todd Rundgren/Utopia fame) and as a result, I will be doing some serious airplane sleeping in the morning.

Keep your fingers crossed for a skinny, non-talkative, un-smelly person in the seat next to me. I realize that a hot chick would be pressing my luck, but maybe with the combined mojo of all my faithful readers, this can be accomplished. Just to clarify, I still want her to be non-talkative. So get to work on that. I'll let you know how you do.

I am not sure how often I will be able to post from there, but I'm sure some Special Dark stories worth mentioning will be coming my way. At the very least, I'll get to "enjoy" the olfactory nuances of 47 different varieties of bitter ass while I'm there.

Goddammit, computer geeks. The water, shampoo and soap in the hotel are free. Shower once in a while. It won't kill you.


  1. Ah yes, what my best friend Billy would refer to as "the unwashed masses. LITERALLY." Have fun.

  2. Have fun on your trip. I would wish you the best on your airplane ride, but in the back of my mind I'm pushing for a horrid, yet somehow new and exciting flight. Gotta love it,


  3. Anonymous10:16 PM

    ROFL.. Nerdfest 2007... my own dh would go to this.. but he doesn't think his employer would pay for it.. LOL.

  4. Anonymous10:23 PM

    So a fat chick with boils then who jabbers on and on about how much she loves American Idol?

    Comin' at ya.

    Oh.....damn....I read that wrong.

  5. You guys failed me. I got a fat guy who talked about golfing until I put my earbuds in and went to sleep. He totally stole my armrest, and his bulkage was squeezing out from underneath into my seat.

  6. Anonymous6:02 PM

    i would like for you to send me hourly txt updates while i slowly freeze into a cryogenic state up here. email me if you need my cell number.

  7. JV - Awwww, so sorry we didn't get a quiet, but gorgeous super model to sit by you. Poor baby. How were Kas & dUgE?

  8. They were good. Kasim was telling Meatloaf stories. I was surprised that doug doesn't sing at all. I think that would have added to it. It was fun seeing him play anyway. He was driving home instead of staying in town, so we only got to hang for a little while but it was good to see him.

  9. Anonymous10:24 PM

    hey, love this blog - have you checked out: http://polkastripeszebradots.blogspot.com/

    you'd love it!

  10. um, yeah, I checked it out. That's some weird shit.

  11. Anonymous8:35 PM

    Dammit the armrest is sacred ground.