Quiz time

I had a conversation with a co-worker today who put forth the hypothesis that every wife thinks her husband is an idiot. I countered by saying that every husband thinks his wife is a hormonally unbalanced crazy woman. There was more to it, but that was the basic argument.

I said I was pretty sure it was just a result of differences in the way women and men looked at different situations.

I am hoping that this simple, three-question quiz might give my co-worker some insight into the inner workings of a man's mind. I will write the quiz from the man's point of view, and then I will tell the women the reasons their answers are wrong.

Question One: You notice that you are out of underwear that doesn't smell like sweaty balls. Your wife isn't immediately handy, so you can't yell "HEY, DO I HAVE ANY CLEAN UNDERWEAR ANYWHERE THAT YOU KNOW OF?" This being the case, you wander down to the laundry room to see what you can see. After rooting around in the laundry basket for a bit, you extract about 5 pair of your underwear -- two good, two iffy and one that by all rights should have been thrown out weeks ago. You open the top of the washing machine, and there are already wet clothes in there. You mutter an obscenity under your breath, then you:

a) take whatever is in the washer out, evaluate whether or not it should be put in the dryer or hung to dry, look in the dryer to see if there are clothes already in there, and if there are, take them out and fold them, then put the wet clothes that can go into the dryer in, and turn it on. Then put your load of underwear in the washing machine.

b) take whatever is in the washing machine out, look in the dryer to see if there are clothes already in there, and regardless of the answer to that question, toss the unidentified soggy mass of material that you just pulled out of the washing machine in with the already dry clothes and turn the dryer on high.* Then toss your underwear in the washing machine.

c) toss the underwear in the washing machine on top of whatever the wet clothes happen to be, and give them all another go-round.

Women think the answer should be (a), but unless your husband is gay, you can plan on either (b) or (c) being the choice he will make.

If your husband is smart, he will choose (c) because that is the choice that involves the least work, and also has the least possibility of inadvertently shrinking, discoloring or otherwise effing up an article of your clothing that you value at roughly the same level as your need for oxygen. Keep in mind that (b) is not the best choice, but has a higher probability of being used if the stuff in the dryer looks indestructible -- All towels, for instance.

Question Two: Your wife is out shopping, and you come in from doing yard work to make a quick sandwich. You use 1 plate, 1 knife and one glass. Because you are a good husband, when you are finished, you open the dishwasher to put them in, and you see that the dishes are clean. You mutter an obscenity under your breath, then you:

a) Empty the dishwasher, rinse your plate, glass and knife, and put them in the dishwasher.

b) Leave the dirty plate, glass and knife in the sink.

c) Wash the plate and knife with a paper towel, rinse the glass and put them all away, since it's less work than emptying the dishwasher.

d) Stick them in with the clean dishes and wash the whole batch over again.

e) Stick them in with the clean dishes and don't wash them, and then when your wife finds them later, tell her that you're sorry and you didn't notice they were clean.

Again, the women will say the correct answer is (a).

This is wrong.

The most likely answer is (d), because again, this is the fastest choice, and has the least amount of work involved for the amount of ass-pain caused. Chances are, the wife won't notice that there are a few extras in there, and you're home free. This is assuming, of course, that the dishwasher isn't still running when she gets home. If that happens, just say that you thought they were dirty, so you washed them all again. This will work.

As an aside, never choose (b). Most guys plan to only temporarily choose (b) -- fully intending to later make another choice when they have more time, but this never happens. You will forget, and that shit will stay in the sink until the end of time, or until your wife sees it, whereupon it will result in an immediate psycho-hormonal response, causing her to become either an instant bitch or an emotional wreck. You know it and I know it, so never choose (b). That one will get your ass handed to you over and over, and it's just not worth the pain.

An inexperienced guy might think that (c) might be the best choice, except that about 1 time out of 5 your wife will notice the wet dishes you put away and then ask you in a sweet, concerned voice "Did you eat anything for lunch today, honey?" Be warned. She doesn't really want to know if you ate anything, she really just wants to know why the hell you didn't empty the dishwasher, since you obviously saw that the dishes were clean, yet chose to ignore them. So that choice is not optimal.

Keep in mind that choice (e) will work once or twice, but any more than that and she will start to believe that you might actually be an idiot.

Question Three: You go to the kitchen garbage can to throw out a banana peel. The garbage can is full. You mutter an obscenity under your breath, then you:

a) Pull the full garbage bag out of the can, place the banana peel gently on the top, tie the bag up, place a new garbage bag into the can, then bring the full bag outside for the weekly pick up.

b) Using your hands, push down on the garbage with all your might until it has achieved the approximate density of a white dwarf star, or has, at the very least, begun to form actual diamonds out of the coffee grounds packed in the bottom. If this does not get you at least two inches below the rim, use your foot. Toss the banana peel on top.

c) Bring your banana peel to the bathroom, since you were heading there anyway, and throw it into the teeny, tiny, ornamental garbage can next to the toilet, which is strictly reserved for Q-tips, used cotton balls, kleenex, tampon wrappers and pieces of dental floss. Cover the banana peel with crumpled kleenex. The next day, when your wife asks about the fruit flies in the bathroom, play dumb.

Women will universally choose (a). Men will universally choose (b), unless (b) has been chosen at least once before with the same bag of garbage. Then there is no real alternative except (c).

(Men, there is only one reason to choose (a) of your own free will -- that reason is sex. If you are horny, make sure that your wife sees you complete each task of choice (a). If at all possible, make it look like you are enjoying yourself. I know that sounds incredibly difficult -- and it is -- but if you can manage that, you will almost always get some later that night. Trust me on this.)

So that's my quiz. Do what you will with the answers. I have drawn my own conclusion and it is this:

It turns out that men are idiots, and women are insane.


Final Note: In all honesty, I didn't play fair on question two. That one was a trick question, and all the answers are wrong.

A real guy will know that the best answer for question two would be to simply inhale a peanut butter and jelly sandwich while leaning over the sink and then take a drink of water out of the faucet to wash it all down. No muss, no fuss.

If you use your fingers, there's not even a dirty knife to worry about. And remember, if you do use a knife, sometimes it's quicker and easier to simply throw it in the trash rather than wash it.

Just make sure you bury it good though, so the wife doesn't see it. And watch out for it when you pack that garbage down later on in the week. That kind of shit can come back to haunt you.

*(unless, of course, the dryer contains clean underwear. If that is the case, just toss the wet clothes back in the washing machine, take the clean undies and go.)


  1. Brilliant - You've explained so much Thank you ;-D

  2. Anonymous7:38 AM

    I always pictured you having freshly bleached and starched skivvies even though you are clearly straight.

    This is probably one of my favorite posts of yours.

  3. I like your quiz, but I must insist that there is yet another answer to Question 1 that being to just go without for the day and not even think twice about it. If its a Saturday even better, and if it isn't just hope that you don't have any meetings scheduled for today, that that hot secretary from the second floor will be attending.

    As for Question 2 you are right on, the only correct answer is to eat over the sink and drink from the faucet, better yet since you are already working in the yard, take said sandwich back out with you and grab a beer from the refrig in the garage while you are at it.

    Question 3, sex rules all, make sure you are seen doing the little tasks that she thinks are so necessary but can be skipped at all other times. Remember, if it isn't seen by her, then it did not happen.

    And I agree, we are idiots and women are insane. LOL

  4. Anonymous2:40 PM

    On the basis of the quiz answers, I am at least 50% man , and I have also got a teenage daughter who is mostly male. On the other hand, several straight men of my acquaintance would most likely opt for the "female" answers. I don't think laziness, or immunity to grot, is necessarily a male preserve. Aren't you quite pernicketty, yourself? I'd bet you never use a razor blade more than once, eh?

  5. You just don't even live in the same universe as me. You are an idiot.

  6. r*a* - thanks!

    jane - you're welcome

    ag - not even close.

    charlotte - it's obvious

    david - right on.

    fifi - my laziness outweighs my persnickettiness by 2:1. and I don't use razors at all

    Carly - yes, and you are a hormonally unbalanced crazy woman.

  7. My husband ALWAYS compacts the trash for me; if I ask him why he didn't empty it he asks me why I'M not doing it since I'm right in front of it. I don't believe my husband has ever opened the dishwasher except to retrieve a clean knife. As he once told me the day I asked him to unload the dishwasher: "I don't do dishes, honey; that's why I have you."

  8. Anonymous10:03 AM

    For the dishwasher question, I'd have to go with the make the sangwich with a knife and wash that by hand method. The rest is all dish-free as noted.

    (And why does Charlotte have a wife?)

  9. Hilarious as always. It's been pretty hard to contain out right laughter in the school computer lab I'm at right now. Bravo.

  10. my only laundry comment to my fictitious and hypothetical hubby would be, "why didn't you grab some of my dirty undies, too?"

  11. Yort,

    Yoooou too can be an idiot.

    Go read Charlotte's profile already, you dumbass.

  12. Jeez, Yort. Carly's pretty free with the insults. I say we go to her blog and make fun of her kids. What do you think?

  13. and how would that be any different from what you usually do?

    I just think that YORT of all people wouldn't need to ask that question. Some sort of emergency warning system shoulda been going off in his head

  14. Anonymous7:45 AM

    Hey now, I just thought Charlotte *was* Char, I don't know that I should be expected to know every blogger in the blogosphere. It was an honest mistake on my part. Apology to Charlotte, but Char on the other hand, is in for a world of hurt with the freeflowing abuse.

  15. aha! I knew it....

    bring it on, I'm going to get abused all week anyway

  16. What does it say about me...a chick...that I do all the things that got me a perfect score on your quiz? :-x

  17. Anonymous10:30 PM

    You didn't know what Carly? That all this time you had me fooled in to thinking you were a woman? You'd think Jill would have warned me....

  18. This IS a perfect post. I scored fairly well myself ... but that's only after having taken many lessons in lazy through the years from a wide variety of men. Works for me!

    Excellent entertainment JV.

  19. Anonymous7:39 PM

    According to your quiz, I'm a man and my husband is a woman. So THAT'S been the problem! Thanks for clearing that up...

  20. You know, JV, sometimes when I am ready blogs, it just amazes me at how similar people are in general. Every single Thursday of every single week, my husband and I get in a fight about the trash. Taking the big outside cans to the curb before 8am on Thursday mornings is his one and only domestic duty. I swear, JV, he does nothing else. He does not even mow the lawn. He pays someone to do it. Anyways, he does that whole foot-trash compacting shit, making sure that each bag weigh 135 pounds and that I have to use all 4 limbs to get the bags out of the kitchen can (my arms pulling, my feet squeezing the bottom of the can). Every single Wednesday, I remind him to take the trash out before the next morning. Every single Thursday,I wake up and he did not do it. He likes to work until 3 or 4am and then sleep until noon. So he will wake up and immediately start running his mouth, "Omg, I forgot to take the trash out," even though he knows that they already came like 4 hours before to pick it up and that more likely than not, I already lugged the 800 pound big ass outdoor cans out to the curb......
    So, yes, YES, men are idiots.

  21. I'm a woman, and I've run the dishwasher full of clean dishes for the purpose of washing a dish. Does that make me a lazy piece?

  22. I'm a woman, and I've run the dishwasher full of dishes for the purpose of washing a dish. Does that make me a lazy piece?