He's dead, Jim.

So we finally did the deed today. We took down the Christmas tree. It was still as fresh as the day we put it up. A few years ago we got a tree in Vermont, and the old farmer running the place shared a little tip with us -- When you get your tree home, put a fresh cut on the bottom, then as soon as you get it in the stand, fill it up with 180 degree water. This will activate some sort of Christmas magic root-sucking action, and the tree will stay fresh for 2 months. Last year, the damn thing had 2 inches of new growth on it when we took it down. Give it a try next year.

So here's the poor tree, just waiting for Spring and the annual Yort-burning.

We thought we got all the ornaments off it, but as I was hauling it outside, I noticed this one still attached:

Damn Klingons and their cloaking device. They're always screwing with me.


  1. Anonymous6:43 PM

    hmmm...too bad the ugly evil elf ornament didn't have a cloaking device. Better luck next year!

  2. I always miss one ornament. Fortunately my tree is fake and the missed ornament does not get tossed out with the tree! Damn cloaking devices.

  3. Anonymous5:01 PM

    As soon as I saw the photo of the Bird of Prey I knew what the punch line would be. Yet still I laughed like a 8 year old kid on a mixture of sugar and ritalin at a punch and judy show where the puppeteer managed to mysteriously take a shot from punch to the balls. I've said it before to the appropriate authorities but it bears repeating. I have NO idea how that happened, I have no clear recollection of that event at all, and I wasn't really even there. Honest.

  4. what do you expect from a klingon?