You know what I love?

More than anything, I love sitting in a plane for an hour past my departure time while the cops come onboard and haul away some skinheaded scumbag loser.

It seems an individual with a "violent personality" (to quote the pilot) was about to open a giant can of whoop-ass on his girlfriend while sitting right in seats 19B and C. I guess he got a little cranky and threatened the stewardess when she told him to keep it down and watch his language. Apparently, he didn't think she'd really call the cops.

Bzzzzt! Wrong answer, Eminem. You don't fuck around on planes, at least not any more.

So someone is sleeping in Cleveland tonight while their girlfriend flies the friendly skies with lots of extra leg room.

I'm home now, and it feels pretty damn good. God, I hate to travel.


  1. Did you use the great Bill Murray line from Groundhog Day?

    "Don't fly angry."

    just fyi, the word verification on this entry is 25 characters long. I mean, give me a break.

  2. That's weird. Mine was just iirjp. That's not so bad.....

  3. Did you happen to get this guy's number? It sounds like he might be single soon.

  4. The "Eminem" line made me giggle.

    But then again, I'm drunk off my ass.

  5. Karla -- it's the best way to read my blog. In fact, i've found it's the best way to write it.

  6. Great. So naive little me has to go and google 'cleveland +steamer' to figure out what the hell you are talking about.

    Now if you had referred to it as a hot carl I would have known better...