I'm just not sure.

I am really sick of looking at banner ads on the sides of every website I go to. Most of the time I can ignore them, but lately they've been getting a little um, "racier" and it's hard to not look.

Here's one I see all the time, for a dating service called True:

I'm torn on this particular one, because while it's not likely that a cowgirl slut with fake tits would be anything other than naughty, it's certainly within the realm of possibility.

That being said, I think I'm gonna have to play the odds and go with a big Naughty on this one.


  1. Anonymous2:28 AM

    banner ads? don't you use adblock?! its a whole new browsing experience.

  2. I confess to using IE. I tried firefox, and got tired of all the little things that almost worked.

  3. JV--I am disappointed in you. This young lady is a librarian from Tuscon AZ who goes to church every Sunday and teaches Sunday school. Oh yes, and she sings in the choir.

  4. I'm waiting on Nessa to pounce on this one. She did quite the exposé on the True girls awhile back. I have a post based on one of their pictures as well (though it's currently saved as a draft).

    I have to say though, that this True girl is one of the more attractive of their lot. She's obviously slutty, that's a given. But she doesn't quite look as much like an over-used prostitute as some of the girls do. The one in the yellow bikini actually scares me. She reminds me of the boy from Mask somehow.

    - Scott

  5. Damn, scott. I must have missed that one. I will have to go search for it on her site.

    Miriam, thanks. Now I'm envisioning the Tuscon library like that mercifully canceled Pam Anderson vehicle, "Stacked."

  6. Ah...regretfully all the images for those old posts have disappeared...however you can still read my bitter feminist diatribe. http://users.livejournal.com/_nessa_lykke_/73834.html

    aaaand here:


  7. p.s.

    I am a whore who self-promotes.

  8. She's just an ordinary librarian. We librarians are HOT. And we can help you with your homework.