It's 2:20PM. Do you know where your bombu mosfut is?

I sit in the last cube in my row, and right across the aisle behind my back is a huge window that overlooks the parking lot. Every single day sometime between 2 and 3pm, this foreign dude with absolutely no cell phone etiquette (and apparently no cell phone signal in any other part of the building but here) will stand behind my cube, face the windows, and yell stuff like, "BOMBU MOSFUT! JIMBONIE SLOMBOSPU!

This gibberish will be interspersed with fine english phrases like, "Right.....right." and "OK." These are usually spoken at a more human-like volume. I have no idea why.

It would be bad enough if I actually understood Ndebele or OshKosh B'gosh or whateverthefuck language he's herniating himself with, but since I don't, it just drills itself into my head and ricochets around like a handful of ball bearings in an empty coffee can. Try participating in a conference call with someone screaming "GUTU! NOTUNOBU!" ten feet behind you.

It's not easy.


  1. You've got me dying over here - I mean holding my stomach laughing like a nutjob. This was so precious I printed it out and made a trip downstairs to share it with my fiance - who is now holding HIS stomach and laughing.
    Boy, I needed this after a tough day at work.


  2. I shouldn't laugh at you. But I am. I'm sorry - I should know better as we have someone in the next cube row who coughs and hacks so loudly that it seriously makes me puke a little in my mouth. However, knowing that other people have different annoyances in their cubicle environments makes me giggle. Thanks!

  3. My coworker is Puerto Rican, and when she is on the phone with her family members she speaks in what she calls Spanglish. It's mostly Spanish, but then right in the middle of a sentence she'll say something like, "Oh yeah I know it's completely loco" and then right back in the Spanish again. There's no rhyme or reason. Half a sentence is in Spanish, half in English. I absolutely love it. It doesn't bother me at all, but it distracts me from work only because I am mesmerized and can't stop eavesdropping.

  4. Yeah, I agree -- I find language fascinating. It amazes me that such completely different sounds can mean the same thing, and be as understood as easily by those speaking it. The brain is a wonderfully adaptive organ. I just wish this guy would go outside or something.

  5. Anonymous12:33 PM

    bad news.. I did some research and it turns out to be a curse.
    something to do with making a man feel like he is a woman trapped in a mans body....or some such

    just thought you should know...