Buried Treasure

Apparently, these guys dug up over 50 grand while removing a small tree in their back yard.

Things I have dug up in my back yard over the years:

On purpose:
1. A small tree (no cash bonus)
2. A septic tank (pumped out, $110)
3. Gigantic boulders in the exact places I needed to put the supports for my deck (broken auger, $50)

By mistake:
4. My cable television wire (severed, $45)
5. Construction debris (aggravation, free)
6. Electrical power line to my shop (severed, $25)
7. Previously buried dog shit (quickly reburied)

I really have to start digging in back yards that belong to other people, since almost all of the attempts in my own yard seem to actually cost me money.

On the other hand, maybe I should just stop digging altogether, since it also appears that I am not to be trusted with a shovel.


  1. I rented a backhoe when I dug up my whole septic system. Man, those things are fun. The backhoe, not the septic system.

  2. I saw that article last night and briefly thought about posting on it. Instead I got depressed and just added it to the long bitter list i've entitled; "Good things that will never happen to me".

  3. Go with the "other hand", Johnny V.

  4. i want to dig up some dubloons or guilders or something, but goddamnit if it isn't usually bottle caps

  5. Well it seems Karma has given me a sound cosmic slap upside the head yet again for my self pity.

    The three men were arrested for stealing.

    Luck Runs Out

  6. now I don't feel so bad about my crappy luck. At least there's no butt-lovin' in my future because I cut my cable TV line.

  7. Yeah, those guys that found the money live near me. You know what they want to spend it on. Getting thier rock band going. For Christ sakes, get some hookers!

  8. HA! they're liars!


    they stole the treasures. they're not cosmically luck, they're just stupid.

    so keep digging!