I need professional help.

OK, maybe just regular help. With three things, actually.

A bunch of you bought the book. (Thank you!!) I'm assuming some of you may have even read it by now. First, if you liked it (or even if you thought it didn't suck) please leave a review on Amazon if you can.

Second, if you see any typos, let me know. I've only gotten feedback from one person about one typo they've noticed so far. (Apparently, I managed to spell the word dynamics as "dymanics," which is just stupid. It's not stupid that I reversed the letters, it's stupid that I didn't see the obvious red underline that my spell checker used in a vain attempt to get me to notice my blunder. It reminded me of this.)

I can't read the book accurately any more because I've seen it too many times. But with new eyes (yours) I can fix any typos and get new files uploaded. To fix them on the Kindle version is easy, as the original just stays for sale until the new one is out there. The printed book is a little harder, in that it takes the book out of commission for a week or so, and I don't want to do that until after Christmas. So I guess you could call the versions that I've sold so far "collector's editions" if you want to be generous, or "screw ups" if you want to be truthful. I'll refer to it as the "Dymanic Edition."

Third, If any of you reading this has a blog, a facebook page, or a telephone pole you like to nail shit to, I'd be eternally grateful if you could possibly mention my book and link to it on Amazon.

OK, I'm done begging now. Thanks!

ps - I was #4 on Amazon's "Hot New Releases" list today in the "Parenting and Family Humor" category. I think there may be some angry soccer moms writing to me in a few weeks.


  1. Anonymous5:05 PM

    What I saw was something like an "I'll" or something out of place...I'll look again...pretty sure it's in the Intro.
    Paece <3

  2. Hi Jay, that one was fixed early on, but thanks!

  3. Anonymous6:46 PM

    I posted a link to your book on my FB page, and one of my friends already said she'd order it! :-) Trying to spread the word...In the meantime, I'm asking for my own copy for Christmas. I think I'll get one for my brother (my nickname for him is far too embarrassing to ever repeat in public - your brothers ought to be grateful for the ones you gave them). Happy book sales!

  4. Anon, thanks!! I appreciate it. I must know more of this nickname you speak of.

  5. Anonymous8:47 PM

    I read the revised kindle addition and reviewed on Amazon, it was really such a great read. I am a perfectionist but did not notice any typos. I was to engrossed with the sotries. ooh stories.

  6. Anon2, thanks, I appreciate the time you took to do that.

  7. OK, just picked up my mail, my copy (which is for amazing husband man) arrived. I have the day off tomorrow, I'll sneak a read before I wrap it for him. I've also posted the Amazon link on my FB page. Good luck with the sales!


  8. It may not get you on Oprah's list, but I added a link to your Amazon listing to my facebook page.

  9. Anonymous10:35 PM

    Added you to FB, too!
    Peace <3

  10. I'm waiting with bated breath for my copy, I'd buy the Kindle version too, but She Who Must Be Obeyed (AKA Mrs. Thomson) won't let me have my iPad (Ipad? Or IPad, or is it ipad?) until X-mas...

  11. Congrats on the book sales.

  12. Purchased a Kindle copy but reading on my IPhone as I couldn't wait until Christmas to actually read on a Kindle. Love it so far. I did find one typo - A "s" missing off a word - but now cannot seem to find it. I am up to "Street Luge with Houdini". I will look again later and let you know if I find it. Congrats on the book! I posted to my FB page. Oh and your blog is pretty awesome too.

  13. Linked on my Facebook page. Having graduated high school in 1977, the JC Penney blogs should have special meaning for my classmate/friends. Will hit Amazon as well. Merry Christmas!

  14. I did a little blog post in your honor- so my 12 readers can go check out your book. Upside- it also links on my Facebook...which has a few more people than 12....

    Seriously awesome book.

  15. Anonymous1:24 PM

    Re. nailing stuff to telephone poles - reminded me immediately of this:


  16. ScarlettO2:54 PM

    OK, just remember you asked. (I'm not picky, but you wanted to know, right?) :-)

    In the chapter "The First Time," at Kindle location 763 (or thereabouts), it says "...the Nelson's dog..." - should be "...Nelsons' dog..."

    In the chapter "The Third Time," Kindle loc 904-ish, it says, "...is where thing escalated..." - s/b "...where things escalated..."

    Chapter "Air Assault," Kindle loc 990-ish, it says "....well-thumbed penthouse mags...." - should it be "...Penthouse..."? - you're the P/penthouse expert apparently, not I. :-)

    Chapter "Air Assault" again, Kindle loc 1051-ish, it says "...days later managed..." - s/b "...days later we managed..."

    Sorry I can't give page numbers - if there's a way to see them in the Kindle version, I don't know how the hell to do it.

    Oh, and before you think I'm just a nit-picky shrew, I LOVE this book. Laughed until I cried last night reading it. I'm up to the "Street Luge" chapter - if you want me to keep an eye out, let me know. Otherwise I'll just shaddup.

  17. buck, thanks.

    Jay, you are a gentleman and a scholar

    Rick, yours went out today. Hope it makes it across the pond in one piece.

    Ed thanks!

    Amy, it doesn't format very well on the iphone, unfortunately. At least until you get past the graphics. I think scarlett found that one too, below.

    Mick, thanks for the shout out, and murra chrimma to you too!

    Sharon, thanks a lot!

    Anon, that's great -- I've never seen that before.

    Scarlett -- keep'em coming! Those are good catches. If you want, send any additional ones to my email address at johnnyvirgil@nycap.rr.com. That way it'll cut down on my public humiliation.

  18. Anonymous4:12 PM

    I feel honored to post to my facebook page your link to Amazon. I like so many others came to your blog by way of JC Penneys and am reading my way back through the years. I have never laughed so much reliving my own childhood experiences through you. Thanks Johnny for your posts and I will be buying your book for sure!


  19. Anonymous6:38 PM

    Ordered and shared on FB. Can't wait to read it!

    Michelle in Iowa

  20. I tried to link through a word on Facebook and got the whole Amazon listing. Sales should explode.

  21. I am a writer and editor and know what you mean - when it's your story and you've revised it a thousand times and know what you mean to say, you never see the typos...CB is pimping your book on his blog. Good luck!

  22. I'll send you the list of typos if you like, but in my experience all books have'em, and yours has fewer than most. I read the whole dang thing this past weekend, and told the person who's getting it for a gift that he's getting the corrected copy, which will become a collectors item. ;-)

    Nice work, Johnny. Well told and a lot of other things, which I'll put up on Amazon when I get around to it later this week.


  23. irasis12:59 PM

    i just ordered my copy from amazon and i can't wait to get my hands on it! i also posted a link on my fb page....
    good luck! :)

  24. Mary R4:17 PM

    Came today! Hoping for a nice snow so I can settle in and read it cover to cover.

    To a childhood well spent, JV, and success with your book. Cheers!

  25. Fireant, yes please! I just found one in the intro (gasp instead of grasp) that no less than 10 people completely missed. So anything you find is bound to have something new. You can send it to my email address in my profile. Thanks!

  26. Irasis and Mary -- thanks tons!

  27. RobinRo10:47 AM

    I bought it and I love it. I laugh out loud and it brings back memories of childhood where *I* did goofy/dangerous stuff.

    It's a wonder we survived!

    Great job on the book and I'll go review it on Amazon right now.


  28. Your book came today! I'm super excited about it. Actually, it is a Christmas present for my sister, since she is the one that originally got me hooked on your blog. I'm holding out hope that my husband ordered a copy for me. If not, I'll be ordering a copy after Christmas! Well done JV!!!

  29. Thanks for the awesome review Robin. Marci, I hope you like it!

  30. Mary Ann11:34 AM

    I've been a fan of your blog for years so of course I bought the book. I haven't read it all yet but the first 30 pages or so I was seriously laughing so hard I almost made myself sick. I made the mistake of reading it at work and I was disturbing the entire place because I couldn't stop laughing at all the drawings in there. I've posted your book on my facebook page a few times and I've told many people about it. I will post it again.

  31. Ordered for Christmas. Although an English teacher, I really can't be bothered looking for errors - too busy laughing out loud! Never mind the fact that I'm in an entirely different part of the world and am more of a 60s girl, this book has me gleefully reminiscing. Of course, I had a few more minions to deal with...

  32. Okay, I've "liked" it on Facebook. No Kindle. No Nook (WTF is a Nook? I thought that was something you sat at in a kitchen). I do, however, have a Sony e-Reader. But can't find the book at either the e-Reader store or Kobo. What to do? My choices are to finish renovating the kitchen or curl up with a good book. HELP ME!

  33. Katheryn, PM me your email address, I'll see what I can do with Calibre

  34. Johnny,
    I linked to this post on my blog to try and lure some of my readers over to the Virgil Side. I know you won't disappoint!!

    Congrats on the book! It's in my Kindle. I hear it chuckling at night....