And the winner is... comment #49

Looks like our winner is JC, if I can count. (And yes, I included my own comment because that's what I decided to do before I hit the go button.)

Congrats, JC! Everyone else, thanks for playing, and thanks for sharing your stories. I enjoyed learning a little bit about these brave men and women.


  1. Thanks Johnny! I am glad to have won, but by far am more pround of my family that has served. It's always beyond cool to tell people that my sister flies Black Hawks. :D

  2. Congrats, JC. :) It IS cool that your sister flies Black Hawks!

  3. Best 2 out of 3? :-)

    Nah, just kidding. Congrats to JC and thanks to your family for protecting and serving this country.

  4. Wireedoxiemom3:08 PM

    "drifted over the double yellow on some deserted 2-lane back road in East Bumfuck, and some douchebag cop pulled him over for it."

    Only you could use the word "douchbag" with such feeling!! I am no fan of cops, anyway - this just makes it worse. Get a life, go arrest a real criminal!!

    Great Blog - as always!!!