I just realized I owe a bunch of people a Brennin Hunt CD from this post. The winners of the CDs were:

6th place: Anhara
5th place: Deanna
4th place: Christina
3rd place: Tricialynn
2nd place: Melodie

I have addresses for Tricia and Melodie, but nobody else. If you haven't (or even if you have) already sent your address to me via my profile e-mail, please do. I have the CDs packaged up and I'll get them out next week.

Carry on!

PS - I have one extra, so whoever would like it and posts the first comment gets it.


  1. Seriously, I'm the first one to post a comment!!

    That CD is MINE!!

  2. Ok, that's not fair...

  3. Anonymous8:53 AM

    I have the Cd, it is worth a purchase Tracey

  4. Dang...so close to that CD...

  5. Mandy, if only you weren't so verbose!

  6. It was me. In disappearing blog ink.


  7. Johnny,

    Long time reader, first time commenter. If not for the internet I am sure I'd never have had the pleasure of "meeting" you.

    Your are an effing amazing writer. You have no idea the amount of joy you have brought to me and the thousand other folks to whom I have send your links.

    We'll never really meet, but thanks for everything.

    I love you man. My wife does too.

    Hope this doesn't come off as gay. Just neded to say thanks.

  8. Lizzy, thanks! You're making me blush.

    Mandi, send me your address. It appears that deanna is among the missing, since she never responded to either the first post or this one, so it's your lucky day!

  9. Anonymous7:01 AM

    Lucky Verbose Mandi - go girl!

  10. Because the post is titled "procrastination", shouldn't the prize go to the last comment? Like me?

  11. I didn't make it huh? Unless, as suggested, it goes to the last one. ~! :-)

  12. I win!

    PS: Sorry so long since I've posted. Your profile pic - Johnny, you're a meat-head with fatigues & a 'beater, not some nerdy guy behind a computer w/ far too many renaissance hobbies. Seriously, I thought I was confusing/confused.

  13. Meathead? What? Never.