Christmas Cards 2008: Card #1

I think I'm going to do a series of these between now and Christmas.

Also, I know you guys are sick of voting for me all over the place, but seriously, 10 grand? Tell ya what -- If I actually win something, I'll put it to a vote here on my blog and donate a bunch of it to the chosen charity. I hope they like giant black olives. Vote for one (or more) of my posts here, but voting for the one with no pic and the title of my blog would be best, since it's got the highest number of the three. This week's votes end on Tuesday night, and there's some woman right on my ass.

I swear, this contest is the last time I'll ask you guys to do anything for me. (Unless I need to be bailed out of jail, of course.)


  1. All the voting that we do for you Johnny..... What are you doing 4 years from now?????

  2. I voted for 2 of your posts there that I could see.
    If you win the money for your blog, keep it. Keep all of it. :)

  3. Voting for the one I can find. And I second the idea that if you win, you should keep it and enjoy.

  4. I voted for two of your posts. The JC Penney post is hilarious!!

  5. I found three posts in all, with the bottom-most in the scroll down being the infamous JC Penney "Strap in, Shut up and hold on. We're going back."

    The first one you come to is titled, "15 Minute Lunch", and the next is "The Artist Formally Know As". And the JC Penney post follows immediately after Formally Known As.

    But the JC Penney post has the least number of votes! WTF???
    So GO BACK and get 'em all, Virgilites!

    It looks like you're well in the lead so far, JV, so gl!

  6. You guys rock. If I win, I can officially say I got paid for my writing, right?

    Grunt, I'll probably be holed up in a mountain cabin somewhere with my rifles and writing my manifesto.

    Code, Sarah, Silver and Bill, thanks for taking the time to go through the hassle. I truly appreciate it.

    Virgilites. I like that. I'll have to get some T-shirts made. ha

  7. Anonymous7:17 PM

    Done. You are better than all of those other blogs put together. And if you win, put it towards the roof. Or the frozen garage floor. Or car repairs. Or, you know, Grey Goose!

  8. KC, just yesterday I spent 3 hours digging a 2-foot-deep trench in front of the garage. It's like a moat for my snowblower.

  9. You promised me a beer the last time I voted for you! Hmm--I'm still waiting.

    Nevertheless I will vote for you.

  10. Miriam, there must have been a misunderstanding. The beer is still here -- It's flat and warm and sitting on my counter. You never showed up.

  11. I've voted each and every time I can Johnny, but for some reason, my comp here at work really doesn't like to register the site..

    It'll load the page just fine, but when you click to vote, it really doesn't like that page, and denies it..

    I'll have to remind myself to snoop around these pages when I'm at home, and vote for them all from the safe confines of my fortress of solitude..

    Great posts!!