Nothing to report.

I took a mental health day yesterday. It was a beautiful day, and I woke up a little later than normal, and decided to do something completely unrelated to my current work situation. So that entails being outside, and doing something other than staring at a computer screen like I am right now.

Because it was a perfect day, I decided I'd hike one of my favorite local mountains. It's not too difficult -- it's about 3 miles long and takes you to a little over 2,000 ft. It's got some nice views of Lake George once you get to the summit.

I took my camera with me, and while I didn't get too much that was very interesting, here's a few shots for you.

Sitting at a traffic light along the way, this bumper sticker made me laugh:

I agree wholeheartedly.

This is an old shack I saw:

From the top:

This snake and I played a game where he would stick out his damn tongue the second I took my eye from the viewfinder. As long as I was looking through the camera, he was tongue-less.

I was a little far away from this guy, but he was pretty neat.

That's all I have right now. I'll be back with something funny later this week.
If anything funny happens. If not, I'll just make something up like I normally do.


  1. ManBearPig! I hate bumper stickers, but I want that one!

    Gorgeous pics - I especially love the fox. Glad you were able to get away for a day.

  2. Intense dedication, my friend. To actually post on the day you elected to break the cycle... part of which is posting?


    Whereas, I've also nothing to report, but can't bring myself to report even that.

    I look forward to more vagina jokes later this week.

  3. Scotty -- I posted on the day after.

  4. Great pics, while I was driving up Rte 32 yesterday from Saratoga I saw a large Coyote in a field but by the time I stopped and got the camera ready he took off.

  5. What? No mailboxes?

  6. awesome. mental health days rule

  7. Anonymous1:15 PM

    I happen to be a personal acquaintance of ManBearPig, and he's perfectly nice if he gets his oatmeal.