Flavor's delicious

Soon, seven childen will call this man "daddy."

Yes, for some reason it's news that Flava-Flav is expecting his sevinf child. He's currently dating "Deelishis" -- who was a winner on his show. It's actually his second true love because, according to the article, his dalliance with "Hoopz," last year's winner and one true love, didn't work out.

The funny part is that Deelishis ain't his baby mama. It's actually a different woman that he got pregnant. I'm not sure, but I'm betting she was probably at least a finalist in something somewhere.

On the one hand, I guess he can afford as many kids as he wants, and it has to be pretty cool to have a reality show that provides you with an undending stream of hotties ripe for the plucking, but seriously, the dude wears a fucking wall clock around his neck and has gold teeth. How screwed up are his kids going to be? You know two things about them right off the bat: They won't know how to spell, and they'll always know what time it is.

And Flav, I realize that you date a lot of women -- and I can get behind that wholeheartedly -- but do you really have to knock up every single one? I'm just sayin'.


  1. Hmmmm, I couldn't figure out what exactly it was about Flav that bugged me and guess what - his clock isn't digital! No wonder I don't know what time it is.

    Whew. Thank goodness. I don't need to be his baby-mama.

  2. Don't be hatin' on my man Flaaaaave.

    I mean, sure, he's sort of a little troll and has table manners Shrek would blanch at.

    But he still makes me laugh (just as hard as bannana phone does) whenever he lets out that freaky little snicker of his. (Kind of like Ernie on sesame street. Only in clothes Elton John wouldn't even wear.)

    Seriously, watching his show is like prozac for me. I just can't stop laughing.

  3. Yeah seriously, Special Dark! You don't have to knock up all of them. Wait...this was about Flava-Flav. My bad.

    OMG he is never going to talk to me again, is he.

  4. Anonymous8:03 AM

    Loves me some Flava

    ....jeah boyeeee

    Prozac makes you laugh?

    Gots to get me some of dat.