I love my neighborhood.

I know, I know.... I've been neglecting my blogging/writing duties as of late, and trying to pass off some quickies to keep people interested. I hope you're all buying it, because I have one more picture from my street.

Say you're repairing the roof of your trailer. Also say you need a nice, flat piece of sheet metal to complete said repair.

So here's my question: At what point do you actually think to yourself, "Fuck it. I'll just use a piece of the car."


  1. hehe I love your neighborhood too. The car thing is god awful, but I always found the whole 'old tire as planter box' in poor taste. At least use an old toilet or bathtub or something.

  2. My first move would be to take a piece off my car.

  3. I wonder if it is possible that some other guys just said, ill use a piece of bobs car instead... I love how it just got torn out of there.

    Unless the car had hood cancer, and had to get a hoodectomy. In that case, it really isnt a funny thing. Hood and exhuast cancer kill countless cars every year.

  4. Pretty sweet Clifton Coupe.

    Now all needs is a spoiler and a wicked red flame painted on it.