I give you: Cuve à Mazout Avec Le Lapin

The other day I was driving by the Scummerson place and I decided to play my favorite game, 'What's New in the Shitpile?'

I've explained this game before. It's kinda like 'Where's Waldo,' except that instead of Waldo, you try to spot the newest piece of shit the Scummerson's have dragged home and are proudly displaying somewhere on their front lawn.

We also have another game, wherein we like to imagine that it is not junk, but rather serious art.

Turns out this particular gallery item was pretty easy to spot.

A rusty oil tank, lying on its side.

With a concrete rabbit on it.

I have to say I'm glad they finally found the ultimate spot for the concrete rabbit. I think it accents the space perfectly, and lends an air of sophistication and quiet dignity to the oil tank that it didn't have before.

Although they usually have a pretty good eye for decorating, it was my personal opinion that the rabbit never looked quite right on top of the snowblower. To my admittedly amateurish eye, it overpowered the statement that 'Snowblower In Weeds with 40-ouncer' was trying to make. Maybe it's just me. Like I said, I know nothing about art.

I think they might be losing their touch though. Even I can see that the kid's mini-slide is a bit ostentatious. I think it parodies itself, and really subtracts from what the oil tank rabbit is trying to say.

Or maybe I'm just misunderstanding the message.

Looking at it another way, there's nothing like letting your kid play on a slide that is directly underneath a concrete rabbit perched on a curved surface. I mean, that really says something. Maybe, just maybe, I've got the title of the piece wrong and it's really "Accident Waiting to Happen" or "Slow-Kid Trap."

Ah, well. I didn't get Andy Warhol's shit either.


  1. i love the bunny, but i think the oil tank really needs a gnome or a plastic sunflower next to it.

  2. Anonymous11:27 PM

    My vote goes to "Accident Waiting to Happen."

  3. I kinda like "Slow kid trap"! I didn't get AW either. Guess I'm just not that sophisticated after all.;)

  4. Question: are there any pink plastic flamingos present in their "gallery"? No yard art gallery is complete without some pink plastic flamingos...

  5. Roadside modern art. This sylized depiction of post modern dilapidation harkens back to a form developed in eastern Appalachia which reached it's pinnacle in the mid to late twentieth century. While the execution is somewhat sophmoric it is not without a certain charm. However, charm withstanding, only the careful placement of a rusted, hoodless, truck teetering on three cinder blocks with busted out, holey, garbage bag covered windows and a birds nest in the carburetor would redeem this steaming travesty.


  6. I've seen that thing at Wal-Mart, it's called "Super Rabbit Fun Slide".

    They just didn't put it together exactly right.

  7. OH MY GOD...How does it happen, that you wake up in the morning, and think "I wonder what crap I can find to put on my front yard today"...because you know, statistically, people that have lawns like that, dont work...as a general rule.

    Disclaimer: I'm not stereotyping people, that's the statistic, and I work in social services...so i'm allowed to make fun...lol

  8. I have no good comments other than that was a very funny blog.

  9. Hey is that a bay window I see in the background? Niiice.

  10. i suggest we change the rules of this game. you should add an object d'art to their yard and see what happens.

    or kidnap the cement rabbit and mail them pictures of the rabbit's misadventures all around the globe.

  11. My yard should be in your pictures... I have a tv in it at the moment (keep missing trash day being on vacation and all), but I did mention to my hub yesterday I felt we needed to ditch a couch too, just for fun. Our neighbors could take pictures of us too then. Whee.

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