They're here.

Have you ever been driving down the highway, and you look over and see a tarp-covered flatbed truck, and you realize that the shapes underneath it are nothing even remotely recognizable? I hate that. Call me paranoid, but I always wonder just what the hell it is that they're hauling, and to where.

The other day on the way home from work, this truck passed me, and I glanced over and saw this:

I mean, holy shit on a stick. Just look at this thing. This is the highest number of death-inducing signs I have ever seen on a single truck in my life. And it was all covered up with a blue tarp. I didn't even want to breathe when it passed me, just in case.

If you're not familiar with these signs, they are required by law to be displayed on all rigs -- they are supposed to give the authorities an idea of what type of payload they are dealing with in case of an accident.

In other words, they are a reliable indication of just what kind of stuff that particular truck is hauling.

All I know is if I see these types of signs on anything, I want at least six inches of hermetically sealed, stainless steel-reinforced wall between me and it -- not a effing blue tarp.

Of course after I blasted past it and was a safe distance away, I started breathing again. Breathing and wondering. After a minute or two, I had it. I knew exactly what was under that innocuous blue tarp:

Go ahead, tell me I'm wrong.


  1. How can it be both a flammable and non-flammable gas?

  2. Maybe he was carrying both cyanide gas and hydrogen? Multiple tanks? I don't know...I can tell you that he was right on my ass, and I was doing 80. The guys who drive these rigs must have a death wish.

  3. Dude...I didn't even read this post. The fact that you took the picture while driving has stunned me! You are a God

  4. Maybe he was so scared of what he was hauling he was trying to out-run it!

  5. Hey Mike, thanks. That's kinda what I figured -- different tanks. Care to make a guess on the corrosive?

  6. Hey at least you had both hands on the wheel and weren't trying to take a picture while driving right next to the Truck of Death. JK, JV. :)

  7. I think it's just poop. He's hauling poop and trying to stay ahead of the gas cloud.

  8. I'm with you on that, JV, my friend and I went to the P.O. one day and left my sister sitting in the parked car. We stepped out of the car, and beside us was a white truck with a gigantic radioactive sign on the back of it (which my sister obviously can't see). We had visions of coming back to the car and seeing my sister 40 years older, missing clumps of hair. I'm not sure how they think they can get away with subjecting us to this toxic waste on what we perceive to be a normal commute...