The Grand Tour

Well, I said if I could get into the Scummerson Estate that I would take some snapshots and share them, so here they are.

There are two things that these pictures will not convey -- the fact that, a) there was literally only a a hair over 5 feet of headroom in this place and b) the whole thing smelled like shit. And by shit, I don't mean "really bad" -- although it was really bad. I mean literally, like human or animal excrement.

Here's the fabulous kitchen:

Here's the master bedroom with adjoining bath. Note the seriously cute "half-moon" outhouse decor on the door. Obviously, the electrical work was done by an experienced electrician that was fully licensed and bonded by the state.

I snuck a peek into the bathroom too:

Just kidding.


  1. Sheeit howdy, that there's a paradise.

  2. it will make a lovely summer cottage.

  3. I see the bedroom has a vaulted ceiling. That's a nice touch.

  4. Ack! People live like that? And you live nearby? I would run away screaming.

  5. Gosh what a place, it's just crying out for someone to care and love it! And you said people lived there!?

  6. Anonymous4:30 PM

    Holy crap, I hear Banjos playing when I see those pics.

  7. OH. MY. GOSH. Was the dude EMBARRASSED at all as he was showing you around? Or was he seriously trying to talk it up? I can't believe someone lived there.