Tight and Firm.

Interested? Go here to check it out. You guys get first dibs, but don't blame me if you hurt your ass.

[Believe it or not, it's gone already! About three minutes after I posted it. Apparently, ass-blasting is all the rage.]

Also, this is pretty awesome. Thanks for all the great reviews!


  1. I am not into ass torture

  2. Valgal3:59 PM

    I don't think I've ever seen such an awesome Craig's List ad before...

  3. kristina5:00 PM

    I'm thinking the front "leg" looks like it would be painful to slip on...

    You were giving it away for free?! No wonder it was gone in minutes. People will take all kinds of shit if it's free...

  4. You might have made a lawn decoration out of it.

  5. Okay Johnny, I did it. I just shook 199 pennies out of my piggy bank and buyed your book to be delivered via osmosis to my Kindle. If I don't laugh my ass off, thusly having to buy one of those ass machines to grow one back, I'll come for you in your sleep and won't hesitate to repossess my life savings.

  6. So fantastic about all those wonderful reviews!