Put on your smoking jacket and join me for a brandy.

A while ago I submitted my book to this site that interviews Kindle authors, and apparently it passed some sort of muster and I was deemed worthy to be "interviewed." I have no idea if that means I'm one out of a hundred, or simply the only one who stood still while everyone else took a step back. Either way, it was fun.

I wasn't interviewed in person, but that's ok with me -- that way I didn't have to change out of my Batman pajamas. They e-mailed me a set of questions and I e-mailed the answers back.

It just hit today, so if you want to know what makes my depraved little mind tick, head on over and check it out.



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The Snitch, Houdini and Me

by Johnny Virgil

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  1. headed over now


  2. I watched The Treasure of the Sierra Nevada last night. "We don't need to show no stinkin' badges!" I love that line. Maybe you can use it sometime. btw I bought your stinkin' book (and loved it). out of curiosity I wonder how many other people bought your book and if it's enough to convince you to write another one.

  3. kristina1:36 AM


  4. Cindy1:20 PM

    Hey, I'M* a post-JCP holdover! I found you and I love you and I'll never leave you, no matter how many times you call the cops. Remember, restraining orders are only effective against people who choose to obey them. I really like that blue shirt you're wearing. You should wear it more often. And yes, the calls are coming from inside the house...mwahahahahaha...

  5. Yay for you! What was the site that you get the most $ for your book? My word verif. is sillit. Sillit, Johnny!

  6. Anonymous1:27 AM

    Hey Johnny, that was a great interview. I really enjoyed knowing more about how you got started as a writer...and I already bought the book...love it.


  7. thanks ed, Mrs. Pickle. Deb, definitely enough people bought it to make it worthwhile. I'm selling about 200-300 copies of the kindle version a month, but only about 20 or 25 print copies. I don't make anything, but it's fun anyway. What would I write about? I don't know....any ideas? ha

    Kristina, thanks!

    Cindy, please don't boil my rabbit.

    I get the biggest cut if you buy it directly from createspace, but nobody ever does that.

    Thanks L. What does the L stand for?

  8. kristina11:44 AM

    I would like to lodge a complaint with the management: only residents of the US are eligible to enter the contest.

    WV: codism. Cods have their own sayings?

  9. Anonymous1:36 AM

    Hi Johnny,

    I wish it could be something fancy like Lithuania but the "L" simply stands for Laurie.

    Laurie (formally known as "L").

    : )

  10. Laurie1:47 AM

    p.s. about ideas of things you might write about: You are great at recounting your own experiences...I think you'd do very well with biographies or histories of places - telling about what another person has experienced or about the "life" of a town/city/hole in the wall. Or what about writing some pieces about the bands that you like and the "history" and events of that kind of music? ...though you would do well with fiction,if you wanted to try it out, because you have the skill to make it realistic.