Probably not one of my first choices.


  1. I call my antidote Sangria.

  2. Getting a blow job maybe, but not worship.

  3. beer. that's the answer.

  4. Anonymous4:08 AM

    corona beer with a side of nacho chips..well, just saying..

  5. What if it is worship that stresses you out?

  6. So then the question is, which god to you worship? If you pick the wrong one, you're going to hell. Talk about stress!!

  7. Hey! They are trying some of that subliminal stuff on us. The top of that sign is a truncated Star of David!


  8. This makes me want to stay home where I can worship with my beer, nachos, blow job and Good Book(s).

  9. Do they serve beer at worship, because if they do...I could move it up on my list a bit.

    xo v8grrl

  10. Red wine and popcorn

  11. Maybe everyone's misinterpreting. Maybe it's BEING worshipped that's the antidote to stress.

  12. Anonymous4:24 PM

    Wow. Angry intolerance much folks? Maybe stopping in to see what they meant would be worthwhile.

    Ironic verification word: s karma

  13. Dave, you're going to hell. But you have a point.

    Brutalism, I've found that to be true, actually. It's basically what Shamus said. How do you know you've got the right one?

    V8, they have wine, I think.

    UB, that only works until you get used to it and it stops. Ask any ex-rock star.

    Anon, I don't think anyone is being disrespectful, and they certainly don't seem angry to me. It's just a sign, and I found it amusing because it's not something you would normally associate (or at least I wouldn't) with stress relief.

    In fact, my guess is that was probably their goal -- get people to notice the sign and think about how the act of worshipping -- in effect, giving over your worries and cares to a higher power-- can reduce stress in your life. And I truly believe it can, for some people. So long story short, I understand the message, but I still find the delivery funny.

    verification word: aimen! Awesome.

  14. Anonymous11:29 PM

    depends on what you worship
    peace <3

  15. Yeah, we used to call it 'worship' sometimes.


  16. kristina11:17 AM

    This reminds me of a joke:

    A man and woman were busy 'worshipping' each other when she made a comment about how small his organ was, to which he replied, "Well I didn't know I'd be playing in the cathedral!"

    Regardless of which god(s)/godess(es) you may believe in or whether you worship or not, sometimes you just have to admit you can worry about too much, but you can't change/fix it all, so you just have to 'let it go' and move on...

    WV: sessess

  17. Antidote? As if stress is a poison?

  18. Anonymous10:25 PM

    @upstate broad: HAHAHAHAHA, well said!

    If worship cured stress, I wouldn't have any, nor would I ever have had any...

    Peace <3

  19. I can't believe I'm only finding this out now - I've been wasting my time breathing deeply and getting massages - all I needed to do was go to (that) church!

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  20. I find it even more hilarious that someone got upset with the banter, I find getting a blow job while worshipping is very relaxing, by worshipping i mean listening to Slayer at an ear drum shattering volume while doing my own version of the David Carradine. JV you make me laugh at times when the good lord smites me thank you, and your followers as well they are also funny keep on keepin on.... PS Germany Sucks it looks like upstate New York and even has man raping Russians here, and I can't carry a pistol out in town. FML!

  21. Anonymous8:42 AM

    They have clearly forgotten to reference this claim. We should ask to see their randomised double blind controlled tests vs. placebo and vs. the leading cures for stress. I would also like to see the cost/benefit ratio compared to the market leaders. I imagine we will get a lot of 'data on file' responses, or maybe find some studies sponsored by Jesus Ltd, a subsidiary of The God Coporation.

  22. Anon, I wish I wrote that. I owe you a beer when you're in upstate NY.