Hike on Hunter Mountain

My vacation time is rapidly coming to a close, and my recent month of working three days and taking four off will be sadly missed. Here's a couple of pics from my last outing (as always, click for the big version):

I've been madly editing and proofreading the alleged book all week, and I can almost see the light at the end of the tunnel.

I've got another post about half written, so if things go well, I'll be back tonight with a tale from long ago, when our parents took The Snitch, Houdini and me to Seaside Heights, NJ.

It didn't end well.


  1. FIRST!!!! First....Did I mention I'm first...

    Nice photos, Fall here has been mostly grey and foggy.

    BTW I'm first...

    Errr...actually I though it would be more of a big deal, going on how some crow about it...ah well...

  2. Yeah, I never got that either. Also, I don't get that many comments so it's pretty easy to get first. It's sort of like being first in line at the proctologist's office. Someone has to do it.

  3. Those are beautiful pics. Where is that? (sorry if I haven't been paying attention and should already know this.)

    I'd like to go there!

  4. PS, I guess I could google Hunter Mountain. Will go do that now... doh

  5. "The former road to it is open to hikers, horses (and possibly mountain bikers in the future). It is the most popular route to the mountain's summit." horses??? I need to go there. sorry for spamming.

  6. It's a relatively easy hike -- the trail is basically car-wide. About 7 or 8 miles round trip. Probably be fun on a horse. There's hitching posts all over the place.

  7. kristina6:06 PM

    More gorgeous pictures! Thank you for sharing...

  8. I look forward to THAT [i.e., family trip to Seaside Hts.]. It was one of my stompin' grounds in younger days.


    Also glad to hear about the alleged bewk.

  9. Thanks for the reminder that I should dust off my hiking boots and go on a hike. It's been a while since I've spent some quality time on the trail.

  10. It looks beautiful, but DON'T JUMP!

    You'll finish that book. It's gonna be okay.

  11. Anonymous1:25 AM

    Beautiful. I am moving to Washington State soon, have house need to sell current one. Because the water and the hiking is so awesome. I love the idea of living in an area without people on top of us.

  12. KMarie11:17 AM

    What a breathtaking view!

    Can't wait for that book! (I'm sure you can't wait to be done either)

  13. Anonymous8:56 PM

    Johnny: Jesus your always on vacation!
    Dear Anonymous, I live in WA state, don't be deceived...plenty of people on top of you...we took to sea kayaking to get away from them all and guess what they all followed us. Needless to say a day at the boat launch is entertaining as all hell. Let me know when you get here...maybe then I'll move to Hunter Mountain.