Watch this space.

Two things that made me laugh out loud in the last few days -- first, this incredibly well-targeted e-mail that I received because of my "ahead of the curve" blog. (click for larger image):

I only have a few comments about this:

1. Their users are clearly effed in the head.

2. The reviewing editors need to cut down on the weed when they are doing their reviews.

3. I am totally getting a Top Science Blogs banner for this place.

Secondly, today I bought a practice test from a place called Cert FX to study for a Blackberry server exam I have to take before the end of the year. This was an actual question, which I did not change in any way:

I think they are outsourcing their dev to Gungan City.

Sorry. Geek joke.


  1. Those are hysterical. Fucking hysterical.

  2. It's Mahwah. 'nuff said.

    I can't wait to see the banner!!

  3. Anonymous7:13 PM

    Are he kidding me?

  4. A & B. Right?

    Yeah, yeah, I get it, they're worded wrong, but still. A & B?

    I used to work with BlackBerries. They called me the BlackBerry Guru.

    I heart them.

    A & B

  5. ha! I got the same email. now I feel less special.

  6. Meesa thinkin' you need to brush up on yousa Gungan for dat Blackberry exam.

  7. I got an e-mail saying that my blog was a "top rated" blog on Technorati and they wanted to be able to sent pitches for blog posts to me.

    I went to Technorati, put in the name of my blog and got "blog not found." So, as faras I know, I'm getting e-mail from alternate realities.

  8. I believe these fall under the heading of "WTF?!?!?!?!?!?!"

  9. Apparently they clearly missed the most awesome assembly skills you had on display...but then, maybe they saw it as a space saver and thus considered it 'space information'?

    Can't be true Gungan though. "My warning you, Gungans no liken outsiders, so don't spect a werm welcome"...so says Mr. Binks.

    Great post JV.

  10. Anonymous8:36 PM

    What's "SnagIt"?

  11. Are Blackberry and Spellcheck not compatible?

  12. Congratulations!

    -Congradulations would work here too.-

    Our crack team of researchers has been looking for the best of the best and you were identified as an outstanding contender!

    -Your email address is listed on whois…-

    Your remarkable accomplishments are eligible for publication in our listing of remarkable accomplishments, which is recognized worldwide as a remarkable list and is recognized by our editors as a Nobel Prize contender year after year.

    -Did you know that the word “gullible” is not in the dictionary?-

    To cover the costs of publishing your most wicked awesomeness, we will need a check for $money from you.

    -Our accountant, who is a Nigerian Prince and Banker, assures us that while this might look like a spam scam, he would bet a bazillion dollars, all in accordance with best accounting practices, that if you send us money we will keep it.-

  13. Helloi, my name is Sam and I will do you the hepful. OK. Is your (insert name of technology device here) working? Yes? NO? One moment (sounds of them yelling around to see who has the manual).
    OK. Please do the needful and turn on the device. It is? OK. Thank you for calling.....

    I didn't realize they were also doing the needful and writting tech test.....

  14. lol! never got such e-mails or a kind of them. it seems to be strange for me...


  15. I think the writers of those questions have spent too much time on ICanHasCheezburger.com.

  16. All I have to say is:

    "You-sa listen to me now, okeyday? Firstest, you needs habbin the phone, then you needs check and make sure dat the bombad thing isn't working with thisen hisen. If'n it isn't worken, den we see about gettin' the bombad phone to someone whosa knowen what dey's talkin about, and not meesa!"

    Sorry. Once you mentioned Gunguns, I couldn't help it, and just overgeeked out for a bit.

  17. newbuddy9:36 AM

    Johnny, I really, really hate to burst your bubble. But while you are "ahead of the curve" with your blog, I am so many curves ahead of you that I don't even have a blog, and I got the same e-mail. That's how effin good MY blog is. It's light years away from existing, but they can already see it's potential.

    I'm that good.

  18. On #2 Me thinks spell check can only do SO MUCH for people.

  19. redraven3:45 PM

    Someone should come up with an ESL spell checker. Wait...Johnny, your blog is ahead of the curve (and 'round the bend), as well as an excellent source of space information (minimum daily dosage guaranteed!) - surely you or one of your most excellent readers could come up with such a thing to assist the writers of your server exam?!

    The Top Science banners would be a lovely touch...

  20. totally love the science content, although you probably should have smudged out his details.

    they must review blogs about as thoroughly as i do!

  21. I was going to tell you how funny this post is (and it is, really - love the stupidity of other people). But newbuddy's comment, I think, took the cake. It's a giggler.

    Seriously, though - if you're obviously smarter than the people who wrote the test, do you need to study that much?

  22. Anonymous10:00 PM

    Just wondering how you got your blog to call me names.
    word verification: tramp

  23. I can't wait for the awesome banner to appear. Holy smokes,it must be some good shiz!

  24. Funny and Scientifically Informative?


  25. You BET their users are using.


  26. Karen, no response yet! I may have to stop in Mahwah next time I'm passing through to pick up my commemorative plaque.

    Travis: Bzzzzzzt. 50%

    ESC, I love spam.

    Comrade, that shit happens. Those dimensions are closer than you think.

    Jae, I'm thinking he got tossed out like jarjar.

    Ed, the words are all there, you've just got to get them in the right order.

    GP and Ray, you are probably both right. But as god is my witness, I will get my banner.

    BG, yeah you nailed it. I can has certification?

    Jorm, you are just a little too good at that. See you at the next convention.

    Kiki, smudged them? How will everyone send him all their science?

    Newbud, I knew that. And they're right. Your blog *will* be amazing.

  27. I think the questions were written by Miss California.

  28. ... but a very fine Geek joke all the same!