Modern conveniences stink.

One of the places we go camping has changed over the years. Here's another story about this same place.

It's become more commercialized, more people are using it, and really, it's just not the same as it was when we first started going there. You can tell by the posh accommodations that have recently been installed.

Case in point:

In other camping news, I finally got one of these:

Now I don't have to hang our food from a tree every night to keep the bears and raccoons out of it.

There isn't really a point to this post. I just wanted to show you that picture of the throne with a view. I like how they go out of their way to point out that it's "unisex."

I only wish it could be scratch and sniff.


  1. Anonymous5:06 AM

    hey - do you write sex stories under the name 'virgil black'?

  2. OK, I'll make a pointless comment since the post has no point and the comment section REALLY has no point (even though I LMOA when I read that comment. I wonder if Virgil Black writes dirty magazine or harlequin romance type sex stories).
    About two weeks ago, I made a comment on your blog (about the deoderant post). A few minutes later I got this weird return email saying that my IP address was suspected to be spam so the message would not be delivered. My IP address does show up as unknown alot, but only because we live in hillybilly land. I mean, we have only had DSL available to us for a few months now and had to suffer with dial-up for years.
    Anyways, this message included your personal email address in all the garbage text that makes no sense in those types of emails. I deleted it of course, but just thought you might want to know. I don't know if it was blogger or your email server that did it, but if you start getting emails from people in comment world, this is why.
    This has never happened before in any comment that I have ever left on any blog and it has not happened again. Probably just a random thing???

  3. Nope, not a random thing, just happened again when I made that comment. Let me know if you want me to forward the message to you so you can see it.

  4. nicole P. -- Yeah, send it. I'd be interested in seeing what's bouncing back.

  5. You had me right up to the scratch and sniff remark. I'm pretty sure I speak for others here when I say that we kinda get the idea.....

  6. I luv the unisex potty, cause I NEVER lift the seat.

  7. OMG that anonymous comment sent diet Coke shooting out my nose! LOLOLOLOLOL

    And scratch and sniff? Uh, no...

  8. Hey JV, I've got a new "pop" record for ya to give a listen: the new Rooney cd. Check it out. If you liked Head Automatica, you'll like Rooney. Then again, you're so ultra-hip and have your finger on the pulse of current music, you probably heard of them before they were born.

  9. yeah, I loved their last CD.

  10. ummmm....

    where is the toilet paper? i have no problem wiping my ass with a stick, but i need something to put down on the seat, yo, especially if scoop gets there before i do.

  11. Given the kind of crappy (sometimes litterally so) ways people seem to treat wilderness sanitary installations, I can just imagine the kind of mess that might be created (and left behind, and scattered about) if they provided toilet paper.

  12. Anonymous5:59 PM

    So with that potty...does one wipe with poison ivy?

  13. crystal, just use this and you won't have to worry about scoop: http://whizzy4you.com/

  14. Anonymous5:53 PM

    A: Bring your own toilet paper.

    A: You actually want to LAY TP ON THE SEAT? Get over it.

    Oh, and I love those box privies. These people don't understand that it's luxury - before that box, people had to dig holes and squat. The problem is that if a lot of people are using the camping site, there are a lot of holes...and the fact that many people don't bother actually digging holes, so you end up with a "mine field" of poop and poopy TP everywhere outside a 10' radius of the campsite. So the privy to make sure everyone poops in the same place.

  15. Yeah, it's definitely better than the alternative. Nothing starts your weekend off right like burying the crap of strangers.