Searching the final frontier

Once again, it's time for

Fantastic Searches That Somehow Led People To My Site

jolly anger candy - I just liked this typo. It made me laugh.

what is a man servant? - Ask Scott, and you will have your answer.

status of leprosy in sulu - I didn't know that Sulu even had leprosy. Well let's take a look:

Actually, I think I do see something. Oh, wait -- my mistake. That's not leprosy. I think that's just a little spot of gay.

dangling and swollen nodes on labia - Just a crazy thought, but if your clitoris is over five inches long, maybe you're a dude.

thigh butthole - This could be kind of a handy thing to have, actually. No more sitting down in the bathroom, for starters. And it would be much easier to surreptitiously scratch....so I'm thinking there would be many benefits to having that thing closer to the front. Maybe some geneticists could get on that. Give mother nature a little boost in the evolution department.

dark patches on inner thighs of overweight people - wait just a second...could it be? Are fat people the evolutionary vanguard of the human race?

what does a country look like when it is in shambles? what are shambles? - A shambles is the state in which you left your grade school education.

is hydrogen poisonous, or helpful? - Well that all depends. Are you combining it with oxygen, or a couple of European guys name of Teller & Ulam? It makes a difference.

why do testicles turn brown? - My advice is to get your brown nuts to a doctor as soon as possible, because as a general rule, testicles do not turn brown on their own. That is a key point, actually -- On their own. There are many things that could quite possibly make them turn brown, however there is usually some dipping or other direct involvement on the part of the testicle owner.


  1. Anonymous10:40 PM

    I think george w did the shambles search.

  2. Sulu swordfighting.
    How appropriate is THAT?

  3. I think a thigh butthole might prove inconvenient. The logistics of going number 2 would be difficult to work out.

  4. I agree with Sarah, you'd just shit all over your shoes.

    I could use some jolly anger candy though...

  5. Here's the thing about that brown 'set' ... if the thigh butthole were too high up, it IS conceivable to have brown nuts - that is of course, if you weren't very sanitary.

  6. Anonymous5:15 PM

    Tiny spot of gay. *giggle*

  7. Beautiful. Those are just beautiful searches. I'm so very amused.