I'm back from Orlando and this weather can suck it.

So after a week-long geekfest in Orlando, I'm back in the beautiful northeast. The day before we were flying home, I texted my friend Vidna and and told him I wasn't coming back and to just go ahead and sell all my stuff and send me the money. Unfortunately, he couldn't work fast enough and we got kicked out of the nice hotel we were squatting in and had no choice but to book a much cheaper room for a couple of days.

We did get to visit Epcot, and it really hasn't changed much in the last few years. I was kind of surprised that China was still the same size. I figured it would have taken over by now but I guess Mickey keeps a tight reign on shit like that. I am currently moving pictures from my phone and my blackberry and my iPad and yes, even an actual camera and should have something to report in the next day or so. A work-trip like this one is usually 90% exhausting and 10% fun, and this one was no exception, so I'm still sorting out the good bits from the pain.

Also, I'm pretty sure I need a new spine if anyone has a spare. I think mine is crumbling to dust.


  1. Mickey is too busy redesigning the Joy division punk rock t shirt to give a shit about china..... He has shirts to make.

  2. I have not had the courage to take this trip with my children yet. I last went on MLK weekend in 1995 while in college (in the rain). It was fun, because no one was there.

  3. EPCOT would be far more interesting if it were updated to reflect current status. As in, N. Korea? Mickey is underneath a giant boot. Greece? Mickey is napping in front of a tin cup...

  4. Anonymous5:54 PM

    Just as well Johnny, my middle name is procrastination.

    also... sorry you missed out on the sausage pasty's, they're awesome!


  5. Can't help you on the spine. However, a work trip to FL sounds divine.