Book your stay now!

Don't pass this up! Book your romantic getaway weekend today at Shady Pines B&B, a quaint Bed and Breakfast nestled in the woods of upstate New York.

Two cute cottages and one master suite available for rent by the day or week (3-day minimum).

Master suite features a fully-equipped kitchen, Master bedroom and adjoining full bath. Cottages have shared bathroom and outside dining area, both only a short walk from your sleeping quarters. The smaller cottage sleeps two, the larger, four. All three are heated by a centrally located fire pit. Please call 518-893-0545 for reservations.

In other news, Yort and I built these last weekend.

Yes, it sucked. We made a stack of kindling trying to get the wedges cut right. I wish I took a "before" picture because those old stairs were built out of 2x12's and blocks of wood 15 years ago by monkeys with hammers who needed a quick way to get from one floor to the other without climbing a rope ladder or installing a Bat-pole.* (Although if they did the Bat-pole, I probably would have left it.)

*I never noticed before today that Batman's pole was fatter than Robin's, although I guess it stands to reason.


  1. KMarie10:58 PM

    Awesome job on the stairs! Way to show those monkeys. A bat-pole? Now that would be fun! With two boys, I'm surprised no one has suggested it to me yet.

  2. Question: did you use the Pathagorean Theory or did you buy the risers all ready built....?

    Me? Personally, I was beside myself when I figured out geometry actually DID have a use. ( they should tell you this shit in 7th grade)

    Maybe the monkeys would have done better huh?

  3. V8, I confess. I used an online rise and run calculator. Mama didn't raise no dummy. Wait, maybe she did.

  4. You might have a real future in advertising. I am disappointed that you didn't use the term "rustic" in your description though.

  5. kristina4:47 PM

    I am concerned you noticed Batman's pole was fatter than Robin's...

  6. Let's try this again..

    Hey, you better be careful with the detailed description. Might end up with "The Squattersons" as guests.

    I did not notice the size of the poles......but you did....hmmm...

  7. Hey, I just finished your totally brilliant book! I've never laughed so hard - truly, tears streamed down my face multiple times and I almost spit various concoctions across the room. I even posted about it on Facebook, for gawd's sake. Thank you!

  8. Dixie, you're too kind! Thank you! If you get a chance to leave a quick review on Amazon, I'd be eternally grateful.