Hey Kids. Don't be afraid of the dark.

There's this movie that's coming out soon called "Don't be Afraid of the Dark." It's a remake, although I don't recall the original -- but I don't care because I'm a fan of Guillermo del Toro, so I have high hopes.

I love a good horror movie and my wife hates them, so I don't get to see them as often as I'd like because they're really more fun to watch with someone else who appreciates a good scare. My friend Yort asked me if I had seen the previews for this movie yet, and then he sent me this picture:

I've since seen the preview, and this thing lives between your sheets, down toward your feet.

Holy shit, don't listen to that guy doing the voice over. Based on what I'm seeing in the preview, you should be TOTALLY afraid of the dark. They should name this movie "Be Scared Shitless of The Dark." Lulling you into a false sense of security with that other title is not only really mean, it's false advertising. I could see it if you shined your flashlight down to the bottom of the bed and your sheets were suddenly full of kittens or Care Bears or something, but really, this thing is totally uncalled for. If you haven't seen the trailer, it's here.

OK, maybe Care Bears were a poor choice on my part.

At least the teeth are small and crooked, so if this happens to you, I hope you're an orthodontist because then at least you'd have something to bargain with.


  1. I DO remember the original version. And it scared the holy living shit out of me.

    Another one I won't be seeing.

    Thanks for the nightmares.

  2. Is it giving pedicures because I'm pretty sure that's what it'd look like after a night at the foot of my bed.

  3. That picture is going to give me bad dreams!!! Did you notice that the little girl in the trailer has the oddest look on her face as she's approaching the bear? It actually made me laugh...then the silly bear scared me!!

  4. Forget it...I've seen enough. Ask the wife if she wants to go see a Care Bear movie with me instead!

  5. Valgal2:46 PM

    I hate when the camera flashes in my eyes too. Poor guy.

  6. WHY did you post that? I nearly shut the page when I saw that picture. I should have, because that teddy bear preview is vicious. If I have bad dreams tonight, I'm holding you responsible.

    Enjoy your movie.

  7. Anonymous6:54 PM

    I am VERY excited for this movie! I have been reading The Strain Trilogy... I hope they make a movie of that!

  8. diane j7:07 PM

    holy sheeeet. i love scarey movies but only if I'm at a matinee on a sunny day so i don't wet myself in the parking lot, or I'm at home so i can fast forward through the freaky stuff. this looks great!

  9. Anonymous10:21 PM

    Gutu says "I'll watch it with you"

  10. i saw it yesterday and unfortunately, it wasn't that good at all.