Mail from Israel. I think.

I got back late last night from spending a week in Mexico, and today I went through all the mail we had held at the post office while we were gone. There was a big envelope on the bottom of the pile, addressed to me. I opened it up, and here's what was inside:

1. A VHS tape of something called In The Footsteps of Christ.

2. A book entitled Chicken Soup for the Veteran's Soul.

3. Three coins from Israel, one with a "1/2" on it, one with a "1" and one with a "10"

4. A pin that says "Ambassador's Protective Detail" around the outside, and an official seal inside that says "United States of America - Department of State"

5. A tiny piece of a blue and gold glass plate inside of an envelope with "Roman Glass, made 2,000 years ago. Found in Israel" written on it.

It all came from someone named Robert Muha with a DPO return address. I have no idea who that is, but I'm assuming the stuff was destined for a completely different person than the one currently typing this.

I took some notes while on our trip. I'm still compiling them, but there's a Mexican adventure in your immediate future.

Now excuse me while I go scratch the living hell out of my sunburn.


  1. Anonymous9:29 PM

    Interesting. Addressed to you, but clearly not for you. Wonder what was intended for you?! And what the poor soul who got it is wondering right about now!

    Peace <3

  2. Wish I got random gifts of cool stuff from Israel.

    All I get is ticking packages from Iraq.

  3. Congratulations. Now you have more stuff!
    Are those overpasses open yet?

  4. This is the perfect opportunity for you to dress up in that official looking uniform (from a past Halloween, every one has one right) slap on the pin, grab the chicken book, throw the coins in cup (just to get the ball rolling) and hang out at the nearest bus stop. Think of all the extra spending money you could make.

  5. Chief Chicken11:48 AM

    I hope you realize that it is now your responsibility to send something equally intriguing back to Robert Muha.

  6. How can you detail a the contents of an envelope (however interesting) and make it a must read. You have the gift. Waiting for the Mexican adventure with bated breath.

  7. kristina3:35 PM

    The amazing Google, and it's ability to find people, but not the ones you are really looking for!

    Looking forward to your Mexican adventure stories. Don't scratch the sunburn with any of your wife's knitting needles or she'll be really pissed...

    Bonus! My wv for the day is "prickin"...

  8. They need a like button for these. most of them would have been liked especially sorry for dissapointing you's. Haha very funny!

  9. Interesting package...please let us know if you plan to follow it up somehow. I thought I saw you last week in Mexico...ha ha ha just kidding. I was there too making my own crazy advenures.
    Mick: the overpasses by PDC are still not open.They are very close, but then I thought that they were close to being completed back in November when I was there.
    Only in Mexico!

  10. I agree with Chief Chicken! How entertaining would it be to put together the most cryptic care package you can come up with and then mail it to him? I smell future blog fodder...

  11. Ed, I think you can probably open that. It seems legit.

    Mick, NO. Still not. Crazy si?

    Sorry4d, I might read it. Depending upon how hokey it is. I haven't had good luck with soups.

    Chief Chicken, you read my mind.

    Lorraine, you should see my shopping list for Lowe's. It's amazing.

    Kristina, I know better than that. I only feared for my life once, so it won't be that great.

    Mystiful, I know! I thought that was in the new version. I'll have to go look. Maybe I can turn it on.

    Canadian, do you tip? I was with a bunch of Germans and Italians, and it seems like they don't tip.

    Heather, I'm putting together the package as we speak. Or type. Whatever.

  12. Senor Virgil,
    Tip? of course I tip, just like at home. The only place I have traveled that I didn't tip was in Japan. Apparently it's an insult to even try to make them take a tip. I have been traveling to Mexico for over 20 years now and my local friends say that certain nationalities don't tip while on vacation. Maybe that's why they always ask you where you are from...scoping out the fate of your service before it even begins!

  13. So, did you ever send him something back?
    And don't lie, because I'll call you on it, as I'll be asking him about it!
    I just spent Friday evening with him and his family! :-)
    In case you're wondering, I came across the link to your blog when I googled him so I could (finally) add them as friends on a social networking site.
    This is too funny! The irony is priceless! It's even funnier, considering his profession, which I might be persuaded to share if you reply to this now over 3 year old string...

    1. I think I figured it out, so I never did send anything. He won an eBay auction I had for an Eric the Viking action figure and when I realized he was currently active I sent it to him FOC with a copy of my book. I never heard from him again but I'm glad he made it home safe. Tell him I said hey.