Ingenuity: brought to you by Coors Light

There's been a little activity recently over at the Squatterson's place. Some general cleaning up and painting has been going on. I think they got spooked because the town has started to tear down the mobile home next door as an "unsafe building" and there's a big dumpster out front. They probably figured they'd better get their shit together before the town decided they were next.

Anyway, the last time I drove by, there was about 5 or 6 of them sitting around a picnic table with an umbrella on it drinking beers and swatting mosquitos. It was a pretty hot and humid day, and the bugs were bad. I could see that all of them were waving their hands around their heads trying to kill whatever they could.

The very next day, I saw this:

They didn't have any poles, so they just cut the bottom out and draped it over the umbrella. A few tie lines to some trees and a road sign, and they were good to go.

On my way home I saw a bunch of them all hunched up under there like they were discussing where to bury the body and hide the money, but I'm pretty sure they were just trying to get out and were too drunk to find the zipper.


  1. Someday, John, will you please tell us how you snap off a picture of someone's yard without getting your arse kicked?

  2. Anonymous4:50 PM

    mr. friendly - telephoto lens. Plus, they probably assume JV is armed - if I lived in that neck of the woods, I would be. Course, they don't know he packs a pansy ass 5.56mm...

  3. Dude - they cut the bottom out and they were still looking for the zipper?!

    The use of the umbrella was genious though - they could just stack and glue the beer cans if they decide to build an addition.

  4. Hey! Don't diss my AR15. 30 round mag is all I'm sayin.

  5. Reminds me of the redneck hotub : )