Sometimes TV tells the truth.

I know some people say they love George Clooney, but I've long suspected that nobody loves George Clooney as much as George Clooney loves George Clooney. Finally, I have proof:

Here's a rare backstage shot from the 2006 Oscars:

On a different topic, I want to pimp one of my favorite artists. He has a new CD out, and I've been listening to it non-stop. Go here and press "LISTEN NOW" in the upper left-hand corner. Let me know what you think. Personally, I think he has one of the most unique voices I've heard in a very long time. (If you click "Listen" at the top menu of the widget, you can pick and choose the tunes.)

Another thing -- apparently, when your blog reaches a certain traffic level (a surprisingly modest amount, believe it or not) people start coming out of the woodwork to try to get you to endorse this or that for them. It could be a product (a legal alternative to weed? Do I look like Jeff Spicoli to you?) or even a website or a video. At any rate, this one guy e-mailed me, and told me that if I did an impartial review of his product, he'd give me a freebie to keep. I warned him that it wouldn't be pretty, but I guess he believes any publicity is good publicity. So be prepared for that one. I'll give you a hint: It's something you wear. And no, get your mind out of the gutter. It's nothing like that.

Lastly, I am getting my ass beat down over at humor-blogs.com because you guys are lazy. Don't make me send Sylvia over to your house to make you join up to vote. You thought she was a harsh mistress when she was alive....


  1. Ohh, come on now. George aint that bad. Anyone who can make good out of this...


    ... deserves all the praise he can get.

    We salute you, George.

  2. Anonymous11:32 PM

    I dig that guy - he has a nice bluesy thing going , there. He'll be around here in August, so I guess we might brave the crazy city traffic.

    Looking forward to your whore-ible review of this...wearable item. Do these people check out your Google search posts before they ask for your endorsement?

  3. Anonymous11:49 PM

    Re: the George Clooney thing. Sounds like somebody's maybe a little jealous...

  4. I went over to the humor blog, signed up, and voted for you. I hope it raises your standings.

  5. George is hot. But George kissing himself is just a little weird. I guess two rights do make a wrong...

    As for the music. I'm a little upset. I couldn't listen to your guy with "one of the most unique voices you've heard in a very long time." Apparently us knuckleheads up north aren't allow to appreciate the good stuff until it hits mainstream radio.

    (See me shaking my fist at you??)

    Damn. When I worked in radio I knew about all the good music before it hit the airwaves (or was too good to hit the airwaves). Now I'm the last to know. I suck.

    Oh. And I finally signed up at Humor-blogs because I've never seen you drop below first place before. Shock. Horror. You took a two place bump after I voted. You're welcome.

  6. Hell! I'm voting for you too. It's unnatural to see you without several orders of magnitude difference between you and second place.

  7. Wait a minute! I just checked the stats after voting for you and you ARE in first place.

    Can I have my vote back?

  8. Ohmigosh, I saw that, too! I didn't think to take a picture of it, though.


  9. Anonymous11:02 AM

    part of the reason you're being beaten down at humor is that your link to them in this post---when you get there it says "cannot determine what blog brought you here".

  10. I like the tunes. Great sound. Kind of a Black Crowes meets Traveling Wilburys meets Marc Cohn flavor. I'm diggin' it.

    And please tell me the "wearable" item under review right now is not edible... =O

  11. ive been a will fan for years now... but it just aint the same without dean and layson. the new album is a real letdown compared to the older stuff. hopefully, he can get back into the swing of things soonishly.

  12. I voted.

    And now I feel a little dirty.

  13. Anonymous4:09 PM

    First, I love George Clooney and watching him kiss himself is makin me hot, is that weird? Oh well

    Second, I do like the Hoge. Thanks for the tip. I can't believe he's traveling all around Colorado and Idaho but not here. Figures!

    Also, thanks now I have an image of an undead Sylvia following me around all creepy like. shudder She scares me!

  14. Nice. The picture of George kissing erhh... George was hilarious if a bit disturbing. Anyway I started my own blog and I have a few articles and I want to know if they are really funny. I would be grateful for any sort of feedback. Thanks.

  15. Please tell me it's the Puffy Shirt.

  16. I watch Clooney-on-Clooney porn all the time.

  17. good music find! he IS good--I likey!

    P.S. love your new banner, which is probably old, but I typically read you thru my Google Reader LOL

  18. That George pic is just like this really sleazy dream I once had. I'll spare you the details.
    Ok I'll get up off my fat ass and go vote.

  19. dom - yeah, he's ok. I just went for the joke.

    KC - yeah, do it.

    Tina, you know it. money, looks, hot chicks....

    romi, Carolyn, thanks. I think I'm done begging now.

    Don, I'll give you your vote back. Over my dead body! hahahahaha!

    Kaleb, yeah that's broken. Eventually it works, but it takes a while.

    USAF, I found him with Carousel, and loved both that and Blackbird on a lonely wire. I thought the new one was cool because it was more like him in an acoustic setting.

    Blaze, you could eat them. But you'd never be the same.

    Natasha, as you should. As you should.

    Alex, you're sick. Give us details.

  20. What'd I think of Will Hoge ? Sounded so good I kissed myself.



  21. Ok, ok, call off the hounds already. You're kicking my ass by a pretty wide margin at this point.

  22. Anonymous7:02 PM

    Carolyn said...
    "George is hot. But George kissing himself is just a little weird. I guess two rights do make a wrong..."

    but 3 lefts do make a right.
    everyone in jersey knows that.

  23. Thanks for turning me on to Hoge.

    P.S. If I run for president will you endorse me?

  24. Hey I'm a new reader to your blog. Love your stuff, can't wait for more!


  25. Anonymous10:17 PM

    i just watched "the good german." would've loved to have seen him kissing himself in black and white!

  26. Anonymous10:11 AM

    George kissing George, Icky.

    I like the music, I have a favorite yet little known singer/musician that I like, check out Keb'Mo.


  27. Anonymous3:19 PM

    George lip locking with himself is just disgusting! but then again...

  28. Anonymous8:24 PM

    you should check out marc broussard... at the very least, you might like his first album, carencro.

  29. Alright, Johhny Virgil! You are my hero for dissing Clooney. He's such a phoney narcissistic asshole. He's not even a half good actor. I never forgave Clooney for his comment about Charton Heston's admission to Alzheimer's disease. I won't go to any of Clooney's movies. As Blanche DuBois said, "a deliberate unkindness is unforgivable" This applies to the asshole Clooney.

    Thanks for the tune suggestion.

  30. Anonymous4:38 PM

    Is George Clooney gay? I've heard rumors, but who knows.