A little something for the tree

I saw these in a magazine the other day, and I'm thinking of picking some up to give as gifts this year.

Since I don't have a small child (or even a small child's severed hand in a jar) I'm going to have to think of something else to imprint on it. The possibilities seem pretty endless, although my first idea would probably get me arrested.

Plus nobody would hang it, except for maybe Sarah.

You have to admit it would make an awesome Secret Santa gift at the office.


  1. I'm pretty sure if you did that, Sarah would be able to come up with a way for that cast to hang on the holiday tree throughout the year. That definitely sounds like an all-season ornament to me. She'd just paint it green for St. Patrick's Day, etc. I say "Do it, Doug!"

  2. You have to do a testicle imprint. The medium just begs it. Tell the kids it is from Walnuts.

  3. Helloooo!! Alex! That's disgusting!!

  4. I am already creating schematics for a holiday tree built around this one fantastic ornament. The dirtier the better, JV.

    Oh my God-could you imagine the ideas my friends and I could come up with for using that imprint ornament kit? My mind is already reeling. The possibilities are endless!!!

  5. "Chets nuts roasting on an open fire..."

    Sounds like a cheapy version of Clone yer Bone. I say go for it!