Breaker 1-9, Break.

I'm driving home today after work, and I am sitting at a traffic light next to a giant tanker truck full of propane. There's a sticker on the truck that says I can make $50,000 a year and be home most weekends if I have experience driving the big rigs. All I have to do is call the 800 number.

Now, if it had been a truck full of stereos and I was supposed to be delivering them to Best Buy stores across the country, that might not be a bad gig. But this truck was full of propane. So essentially, they're saying "We're looking for suckers to drive this rolling bomb, and (if you live to collect it) make 50K a year."

As I was checking out the rig, I noticed a white cylinder about the size of a small fire extinguisher fastened to the back of the cab. Turns out the reason it was about the size of a small fire extinguisher was because that's exactly what it was.

So to sum up: Not only are you driving a rolling bomb, you are expected to put it out if it suddenly catches fire.

I am fairly certain that a career change to propane trucking wouldn't really be a good move for me. To illustrate this point, I drew a picture of me, bravely battling the flames of my burning propane truck:


  1. Nice picture. Sissy.

  2. It's a good thing you are a fast runner. If it was me I'd be (on your picture) roughly 1 centimeter away from the truck after a good 5 minutes of running.

  3. Id love to see the driver survive the crash, and the burning sea of petrol, to find the fire extinguisher (probably lodged in a building or mountain, or the next state over) and then go back and fight it with that 30 second supply of foam. I think he would have about the same odds if he drank lots of coffee before each trip and simply urinated on the fire.

  4. I've never been called hoolarious.

    I think I like it.

  5. actually the fire extinguisher is for fires on the unit we truckers are far too clever and good looking to put fires out on the trailer 50k not bad here in scotland tanker drivers 60k pound sterling