The Irony, it burn's.

It took all of my nerd super powers to resist adding "So's he don't end up like me" to the end of that paragraph.

Also, a part of my childhood died today.

I'll never forget doing the "Monkee Walk" down the street with my brothers.

Davy was a large part of the soundtrack to my childhood. Even though the show was in syndication by the time we saw it, it was new to us, and we didn't know any different.

We just knew we liked it.

Hey, Hey.


  1. Upstate Broad5:27 PM

    You can't even imagine how all of us who had crushes on him as little girls feel... At least I hope you can't!

  2. Yeah, no. I was more into Shirley Partridge. Is that weird?

  3. i can live without Ms. Houston. losing a Monkee? ouch.

    i was/am rabidly hot for Mr. Naismith - creepy stalkerhat and all.

    by the way, Shirley Partridge? a little weird. but those pantsuits rocked...

  4. Anonymous8:36 PM

    Big crush, I was probably 10 years old when the Monkeys were first on TV. I loved Davy Jones.

  5. The errant apostrophe is ruining our world.

  6. Anonymous6:54 PM

    Amen! Well said, I found the Monkees in syndication as well when I was a kid and promptly and begged for their greatest hits. I wore those cassette tapes out.

  7. I've never seen The Monkees show, but every one of their songs makes me smile. And I loved the Brady Bunch episode where Marsha went to the dance with him.

    Shirley Partridge? You like the gingers, huh?

  8. I like how Michael Nesmith is actively strumming the end of his tie rather than the guitar strings. Indifference personified...

  9. Anonymous9:41 PM

    Thanks guys.
    Quite a march down memory lane here.