Pocketses. And Ice.

It finally got cold enough around here to dig out the winter coats. Last night it was snowing sideways, and because of where I live, it once again went directly from a week of rain to snow. This is extremely annoying because every year we have no time to get the leaves off the lawn. I'm hoping it warms up again this weekend so I can at least give it a shot.

Have you ever pulled a coat out of storage, reached in the pocket and found something you didn't remember leaving in there? If you're lucky, it's a wad of cash. If you're less lucky, it's a wad of gum, or a tuna sandwich. Well, that's what happened to me this afternoon, but without the tuna or the gum.

I reached in my jacket pocket, and pulled this out:

I have no idea what it was doing in there, but hey, free camping gear. I assume I picked it up in some bathroom somewhere, with the intention of incorporating it into a brilliant blog post.

This is not it.

I'll give the marketing guys some props though. That's an awesome product name. However, I'm not sure what's up with the 'flowers in the urn' graphic -- to me that seems sort of useless, like scented toilet paper, or boobs on Rosie O'Donnell.

And now for something completely different. If anyone can tell me how this ice is formed, I will send you a "valuable" prize. Pic1. Pic2.

Happy Halloween by the way. I'm off to watch Pumpkinhead and drink martinis. Wish me luck.


  1. It's funny because I saw some other pictures of similar ice formations randomly on the internet this week.

    I think the ice is formed because it melts and refreezes. There is a similar picture here:


  2. Heck if I know what made the ice look like that, but your "nap sack" is probably a sanitary napkin disposal bag, judging from the general shape and cutesy name.

    Have you been hanging around women's restrooms?

  3. No idea on the ice, it looks like because the snow was blowing sideways, it blew around some obstacle. Around and around.

    I think 1234567890 is right about the nap sack.

  4. Boobs on Rosie...bwahahaha!

    I'm from Florida...what is this "ice" stuff you speak of?

    Those pics? Look kinda like spiderwebs. No clue what caused it. But that's my guess.

    I never win anything, anyway.

  5. Oh I know what the sack is for...I just like the name.

  6. they're called "needle ice." its when the temperature of the soil is above freezing and the surface temperature of the soil is below freezing which brings the subterranean moisture. similar stuff is "frost flowers," which are pretty neat looking too.



    woo wikipedia!

  7. ps. thanks for your electric drum tips a while back, i got the same set and have been really enjoying em. gotta upgrade the brain though, the td3 can only do so much.

  8. Anonymous11:15 PM

    What's the nap sack for?

  9. Anonymous11:40 PM

    i borrowed an old jacket from my dad a while back and found in a pocket a cutesy little love note from my mom for him when they were in college, haha.

  10. i found 160 euro when i pulled my jacket out to go skiing this winter.

    and i don't even live in europe!

    that ice is mad.

  11. I was going to be a smartass and say that ice is formed when the temperature drops below 32 degrees, but I don't think that counts.

  12. Anonymous9:19 AM

    I looks like ice formed over spider webs while the wind was blowing. If the valuable prize is a nap sack you can keep it.

  13. Wow snow on Thursday? We got all our snow on Tuesday and it finally melted except for a few small piles yesterday and I hope the rest will be gone today. :)

  14. I think gnomes, specifically the garden variety, crafted the ice.

  15. I'm in CA, so no snow, but boy is it raining this morning. It's just pouring. Happy November.

  16. And we have a winner! Pete the drummer. Send me your mailing address to claim your prize.

  17. Anonymous7:10 PM

    Jeez, I go camping for 2 days and miss 2 posts?

    Lucky you with your winter weather. We did get to see some fall leaves, though - I don't remember the last time we had leaves any color other than green or brown.

    Teehee - you said pocketses. I LOVE Smeagol-speak.

  18. I'm afraid my english is not very good, but what the h...

    When I saw your picture, I thought about something we used to say when I was still in school;

    Everything expands in the heat, except for the summer hollidays.

    So, I guess it's vice versa in the cold. Everything withdraws in the cold. Like it did pre this picture was taken.

    Anyway - if I could've told you in Norwegian, it would've been so much easier for me ;-)

  19. trust me, your English is much, much better than my Norwegian.

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  21. Anonymous10:06 PM

    Don't know much about ice. I live in Texas. It's November and I'm still running my air conditioner.........

  22. i borrowed my dad's Navy peacoat a few years ago and found his boarding pass from one of his flights home from Vietnam in 1967 tucked into the inside pocket...

  23. I found an old French fry in my jacket pocket yesterday. I considered eating it but it was too lint-y.

  24. Anonymous5:01 AM

    The ice: A couple was camping out and was going to make Mei Fun noodles. In the process of boiling them, the couple, known to have some issues lately, got into an argument and the woman took the cup of still cooking noodles and tossed them. They froze where they landed.

  25. Anonymous5:02 AM

    Oh, and that nap sack with the urn? It's a dirt nap sack! Creepy.

  26. I love the various stealth packages invented to disguise "feminine hygiene products"...flowers in urns, scripty letters saying "thank you" for throwing your things away like a nice, tidy lady...but NAP SACK...that one wins the all-star prize.

  27. Anonymous10:44 AM

    It's frozen ectoplasm. The ghosts forgot their coats or are too stupid to go inside. (Seasonally-inspired idea.) I don't actually believe in ecto, but if you look at the photographs of what people claim is it, there's kinda a resemblance. That said, realistically speaking, I'm more in line with the mei fung noodle suggestion. They do look quite similar ...

  28. I found my daughter's Social Security card in her winter coat pocket that she told me that she had "washed." Before I found said card. I spent a day in the Social Security office with her getting her "washed" SS card replaced. The one I found in her coat is now sitting in the safety deposit box in anticipation for the next "washing" incident. I don't know though, making her wait in line at the SS office knowing I have the real card is priceless.

    Johnny, please put up a post with the 1977 JC Penney catalogue quick. I'm afraid that I'll need a good laugh after Tuesday.

  29. The "valuable prize" is a napsack, isn't it?

  30. Anonymous2:10 PM

    I assume at some point here in Oklahoma we will have ice. . .but on Monday, November 3, 2008, it's 77 degrees outside. Something is amiss.

    However, our ice does nothing that cool. It's just covers the roads and renders all of the incompetent Oklahoma drivers even more so.

    Oy vey.

  31. Melligator: No, but it could be. Who can't use a good napsack?

  32. Anonymous9:27 AM

    Get your case of 1000 now! Clearly a popular item: http://www.restockit.com/Nap-sack-Bag--(314BC)---TOP-SELLER!.html

  33. ROFLMAO at "Nap Sack"

    Next, you'll see one saying "Blood Bank" or some weirdness..

    Ice over on the East Coast is CRAZY.

    I recall being on board a ship, and having EVERYTHING frozen sideways, because of the wind.

    What had happened was that the wind was cold enough to freeze water, but the ambient temperature from the condensate dropping from the sky was still above freezing.

    Thus, when the water hit the metal, dirt, grass, etc. It froze.

    Thanks to the wind, it froze sideways, and made for some interesting walking every so often.

    Can you imagine trying to walk through a door where ice had frozen across the doorway?

    Great post!

  34. Dang, you already have a winner... Well I suppose there's no point in me adding my guess: the result when a slug sneeze freezes. Yum.

    Oh, what does Pete the drummer win?

  35. I say it's formed from water...

    Looks like dew from a piece of bark that has since blown or been moved away.

    oh...and might I suggest blacktopping your entire property. Solves the raking problem...

  36. Anonymous12:16 AM

    The snow is made from arctic spiders. I read that they were migrating, but I didn't realize they had made it out of Canada already.

  37. Anonymous5:53 PM

    Peter calls them "needle ice." But can they form when the temperature of the tuna in your coat pocket is above freezing and the surface temperature of the bread is below freezing which draws out the subtuna moisture? Assuming last year's tuna sandwich has remaining moisture.

  38. I was going to suggest that the Nap Sack was for stashing the tissue you use to clean up the drool after your nap. Though now I realize its probably a NapKIN sack. Which isn't as funny, but the picture on the bag still makes me think you ganked it from a funeral home.

    Here I thought that was a loose spool of fishing line that got rained on and then froze. What do I know. When there's ice outside, I'm inside nursing a white russian in my jammies watching old BBC series from netflix.

  39. Anonymous8:48 PM

    While I accept that the Nap Sack has a known purpose, I prefer to interpret the flower logo and name to mean a sack for one's cremated remains--ala, "dirt nap" sack. The flowers are a nice, funereal touch.

  40. You are being featured on Five Star Friday:

  41. Anonymous4:29 PM

    I hate captchas. But I do love Nap Sacks! Just sayin.