Mother Earth Needs a Thigh-Master

A friend of mine works at a pretty conservative, politically correct company that wouldn't get caught dead sponsoring or even acknowledging something even slightly risque. So maybe someone can explain to me why this piece of "art" has been hanging in the hallway there for the last 7 years.

That juniper could use a little trimming, is all I'm saying.

Jeez.....I think there's birds in it.


  1. Anonymous6:16 PM

    THAT IS THE MOST AWFUL BANK ART EVER! Not to mention blatantly nasty. But it's also freaking hilarious. Who the hell picked that out? It's really awful.

  2. That's a hilarious painting...No, you are not the only one who sees the nastiness...I can't stop laughing.

  3. Does Tom know you took that picture?

    Hey is the big kenetic sculpture still there? That thing baffled me.

  4. where is that? I've trained my eyes not to look at the "art" because it hurts me.

    PS: Remind me to post the photo I took of the "Holiday Display", where Santa was basically mooning everyone in the lobby.

  5. Ew. This picture is gross enough without your post subject line, JV!

  6. I suddenly feel like going for a jog.

  7. Just catching up on some of your older posts...
    This one left me choking & gasping for breath; holding my sides from the pain of laughing so hard I was about to PIMP!!!