At least five times a day.

and then they just SIT THERE. Waiting.

It reminds me of this:


  1. That reminds me of this

  2. Anonymous1:41 PM

    To be fair, usually it's just the opposite. I describe my problem in detail and they say the equivalent of "hi".

  3. Time to set up a bot that will automatically respond with "Hi, what's up? How can I help you?" or something...

    And I can't tell if I passed or failed the test because the gorilla messed up my counting :-(

  4. What does it mean if you stop watching the white t-shirts & notice the gorilla and then completely forget what the directions were? Other than ADHD...oh - never mind

  5. Nothing to do with this post...just wanted to let you know that I am currently reading your book and have laughed out loud several times.

  6. Kc, thanks. Thanks a lot.
    Val gal, I hate you so much. Also, you are awesome.
    Anon, please do the needful.
    Zan, yeah I am working on something that will at least make them type a full sentence.
    Lauri it usually means your concentration sucks, or you are very observant. Also, you will get more people if you watch it full screen. More eye movement I think.

    Brutalism, thanks! And if you like it, please post a short review on amazon if you think about it. It really does help. If you hate it, feel free to ignore what I just said. Ha

  7. Anonymous10:18 PM

    Gutu says: Colin didn't see the gorilla either! HA

  8. People just don't seem to pay attention to directions any more. I work in the medical field, and I shudder when I provide prescriptions to some people. You know they are not listening to half of your directions. I am tempted to say "And taking more than two a day will make weasels crawl out of your ears," just to see if they really are hearing me.

  9. How about something like this...

    "Say 'what' again. Say 'what' again, I dare you, I double dare you motherf-er, say what one more Goddamn time!"

    Also helps to have a pistol.

  10. Valgal11:03 AM

    I really think you should just say "Hi" back and then wait for them to give you details...

  11. What does it mean if you counted 15 passes AND saw the gorilla??

  12. Valgal that's the problem. The question goes to 10 people simultaneously and if you say "hi" back, you own it. And then when they give you details that's when you realize it needs to go to someone else. Who could have picked it up immediately had they known the question beforehand.

    Idea, I think it might mean you really, really like guys in gorilla suits.

  13. KMarie4:31 PM


    How can you NOT notice the gorilla?


  14. Mackerel12:32 PM

    I did some 3-man weave drills for high school basketball. So, the number of passes was easy. And, because I am a semi-professional ape suit wearer, it was pretty easy to spot the guy in the gorilla get-up. I'm only semi-pro now so that I can maintain amateur status until the Olympics, then I'm gonna get an agent and sign that contract!