Lunch Lady.

Sometimes, if there's a lot of leftovers from dinner I'll bring my lunch to work the next day. Normally, I'll just grab a "recycled" Starbucks paper bag out of the cabinet, since we tend to save and reuse. This morning, however, these were my only choices:

Bath and Body Works was too bright, the LOFT handles were too ribbony and weird, and Miss Scarlett...well, let's just say the last time I had this dilemma, I tried crossing out the "Miss" with a Sharpie and writing "Mr." but I still got laughed at.

The obvious thing to do? I bought lunch at the cafeteria.

No, actually, I took "The Spa at Mirror Lake Inn."

I wasn't very manly, but at least I was upscale.


  1. The poor man's murse! ha ha

  2. You can tell everyone how relaxed you feel after your seaweed wrap and mani-pedi.

  3. I bet people think twice about stealing your lunch in those bags!

  4. Anonymous11:07 PM


    I am going out for lunch tomorrow...too damn lazy after traveling this weekend to put a lunch together.

    Peace <3

  5. Anonymous9:28 AM

    You should buy a proper lunch box.
    How about one of those metal ones like we had when we were kids? Scooby Doo perhaps.

  6. Anonymous9:44 AM

    Ha! My poor husband had to take his lunch in a bright orange Ulta bag today.

  7. I got your book for my birthday. I was reading it on my commute this morning, and was kicked off the 'Quiet Car' of the train because I was laughing out loud. Thanks a lot.


  8. Anonymous1:04 PM

    When I got my Kindle, your book was the first one I bought. It was sooo funny and brought back so many memories of growing up then. Thanks for giving me some great laughs!

    Looking forward to your next book!


  9. HA!!!!!!!!!!

    You're cool.

    Peas out. :P

  10. Is somebody regretting selling his He-Man lunchbox in a childhood yard sale?

  11. Dude, you have no idea.

  12. Have taken the libertai to engage you with an email to your NOT-aol email address. It may have wound up in spam. If you'd like to check, the subject hits on WH.

    Great to see you again. It's been a half a lifetime, hasn't it?