More good times.

Due to a recent reorg, my boss got a new boss. He seems like a nice guy, but I don't really know him. Since my boss was out of the office today, I had my very first Instant Messaging interaction with my boss's boss. It went about as well as could be expected:

Big Boss: How's everything in the world of messaging today?

Me: So far so good

Big Boss: Are you on point for the disaster recovery test?

Me: No, not this time. I believe it's going to be Jim

Big Boss: ok. I'll check in with him on that. I hope it all stays quiet

Me: Yeah, so do I

Big Boss: OK, page me if anything comes up. Have a good one

Me: Will do, you too1

Me: too! I meant too!

[end chat]

Have a good weekend, everyone.


  1. Is it any wonder we get ourselves in the shit from time to time with technology letting us down. Or was it your finger?

  2. WTG, JV! We'll find out how observant Big Boss is and/or whether he has a sense of humor. I have to point out that the lower case L and the exclamation point are at least two feet apart on MY keyboard. So "typo" might be pretty weak ... just sayin'.

  3. Bill, it was actually the numeric "1" but on our system it looks a lot more like a lower-case L.

  4. Nothing like a great first impression ;).

  5. It wasn't the big boss in the john, was it?

  6. Several weeks into my first job, I accidentally flipped my boss off on the freeway. The next day I came to work and there was a pen shaped like a middle finger on my desk.

  7. Tee-hee...I think you should change your IM font.

  8. Ah Johnny. What would the good doctor Zigmund have to say about that one?

  9. 6 years back, about my second day on contract. I was still at that point of just being glad I found my desk, and found the mens room before an embarasing situation. My phone rang down from the front main desk for the entire corporation. The front desk told me that "Mrs X is here for you". I said "who?". "Mrs X". I said "I don't know that person, who is she.". They said they would ask and call me back. 5 mintues later, the phone rang, from outside the building. Mrs X was actually Mrs X, VP of the contract firm out saying HI to us.....

  10. bonnie6:20 PM

    I love the last two posts - hilarious. also greatly enjoying your archives of past favorites.

  11. Anonymous2:34 AM

    you are a genius

  12. Life, oh life, oh liiiife. It is too easy to miss type when you are rattling off messages that quickly.

  13. OT, I know..luckily he has a good sense of humor.

    Hat, no - our upper echelons don't do the New Balance thing...even on dress down days. But that would have been funny. For you guys, at least.

    Zan, you are probably right.

    Jason, that's awesome! I did something similar once. I flipped off this idiot woman who didn't know how to drive, and then she followed me into the parking lot, and then later on in the day I found out she was the new project manager on a project I was assigned to. But at least she wasn't my boss. Holy crap.

    Ray, was she pissed?

    Bonnie, thanks!

    Anon, I think I'm more an idiot savant.

    Insults, sometimes when you touch type, your mind is faster (or slower, depending upon how you look at it) than your fingers. Something as simple as asking someone "Is that it?" can go wrong very fast. I once told a co-worker I was going home to eat, drink and be mary, and I'm not even a cross-dresser.

  14. Maybe our brains are wired to screw up when authority figures are in the vicinity. Or maybe it's some deep seated thing in one's subconscious to make one's real feelings about them known.

  15. I've had a good run of email typos lately, along the "tool" lines: I requested a statement of "accunts" from our office finance department; I told my dad he should come to Sunday brunch since there's a shortage of "gays" on the guestlist (instead of "guys"); and in a scone recipe I sent my mother, I suggested she roll the dough "into a big dick--it's easier to cut, and tastes better." DISK! I meant DISK!!!

    Ah well, it happens to the best of us.

  16. If you can manage to accidentally call him a fucker, I want a screen shot.

  17. Munkey2:02 PM

    Chance are, you were correct the first time

  18. Freudian type, perhaps? I hope he's the forgiving-with-good-sense-of-humour-type.

  19. Anonymous9:21 PM

    Dude, I laughed out loud when I read that.

    You are still the funniest person/friend I know.

    Miss you!!


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  21. Whenever I have a crappy day (like now) I love to re-read this post. It always makes me smile. Thanks for the laughs! You're the best!