And we're back.

After a lot of traveling, eating and drinking, we've returned to the cave to recuperate for New Year's eve. Here's a few things I've learned since my last post:

1. The game "Catchphrase" is a lot more fun when everyone is half in the bag.

2. When one of the clues yelled out is "something you beat" a funny but entirely un-PC answer is "your girlfriend!" (real answer: Scrambled eggs)

3. Every Australian person I've ever met has been pretty cool. (Count so far: 2)

4. Australian football is "sort of like rugby, but more physical" and getting "squirrel gripped" is a real possibility.

5. I never want to play Australian football.

6. If someone gets really drunk and then heads up to bed and passes out fully clothed, it's pretty funny to get 15 people to sneak up to his room, climb on the bed without waking him up, and take pictures of this event.

7. It's also pretty funny to watch a drunk chick fall backwards and try to make a snow angel when there is a 3" icy crust on the snow.

It sounded like someone hit a pumpkin with a baseball bat.


  1. What the hell? Why is the ass hole (in the snow) so much bigger than the head hole? I mean, I have a fairly-large had-4-babies ass, but it's not that much bigger than my head, in proportion to this photo.
    And oh my gosh, JV, 3 New Years ago, we had..ahem...a party, we will call it, some very bad photos were taken. Nothing perverse, as in, nothing perverse actually happened, but you couldn't prove it by the photos. I hate to even type it....but my husband and his friend..umm, he calls it sacked their other friend, took photos and uploaded it to the wallpaper of his laptop. The guy never slept through it all.
    In my defense, I was sleeping at this point and had nothing to do with it.

  2. It was a "sit down hard and then fall backwards" kind of thing.

  3. Anonymous10:41 PM

    my ass "really" is not that much bigger than my head....my eyes maybe.
    Won't try that again had a headache the rest of the night. Happy New Year!

  4. Anonymous11:41 PM

    Lucky you to have such good weather (and friends, and booze) to entertain you! Glad you're back, and Happy NY!

  5. Anonymous12:22 AM

    Where are the pictures of the really drunk guy and his 15 friends on the bed? Are they as good as the big assed snow angel?

  6. That pic was great! Glad you're back...and yeah, Catchphrase is a lot more fun when you're half in the bag. I know this from experience!

  7. Anonymous9:32 AM


    #7 = Hysterical!

  8. Anonymous10:37 AM

    Drunken snow angels, a whole other topic.

    As far as head and ass, my drill instructor in the Marines was always telling us to get our "heads and ass wired together".

    Maybe he was right.

  9. JV,

    Try naked butt marks in the snow for us folks who snow bathe during/after a sauna. Does the snow make my butt look big? You betcha. Squirrel grabbing...yikes! Were is that Barnibum Bailey story!?

  10. Hey, it could have been a lot worse. There could have been only enough snow to just cover the grass. Very deceiving and a right pain in the ass.

  11. Anonymous7:48 PM

    You want to read a great blog about an American who moved to Australia you should check out Juddhole (if you don't already read him that is). And I'm utterly conviced that all Aussies are batshit crazy but if Hitlary gets voted into office I'm totally moving there. Great hair products, wine and a kick ass PM? I'm so there.

  12. I keep thinking of despicable (but pretty good) head or ass jokes. But my natural high character and solid Lutheran upbringing will not allow me to write them for public consumption.

    I blame you.

  13. Anonymous6:38 AM

    australians are quite rocking. though i may be biased, being one myself :)

  14. Anonymous4:28 PM

    I was wondering how you could get squirrel gripped in Aussie football. Then I looked. "Oh. He means league, not Aussie rules". Kinda hard to get crunched Down Under in Aussie rules. Decapitated, maybe ...

  15. You just helped me make my true New Year's Resolution. I resolve never to get drunk enough in 2008 to allow myself to get into a situation where someone could take a picture of my (guaranteed to be huge) ass-print in the snow. You heard it here first. Hilarious.

  16. Amoeba, I don't even know the rules to american football, so I haven't a clue with that aussie stuff.

  17. Johnny,
    a) Try playing catchphrase with a guy lovingly nicknamed "he who stares in the air and picks his ear" who, at every turn, repeats the same faux-pas - "It starts with a..." When told he can't do that, he throws the game piece to the ground exclaiming, "I'm not playing anymore." Yep, the guy was in his twenties at the time.
    b) Why do you look like Grizzly Adams?

  18. Anonymous12:35 PM

    Anonymous snow-ass-angel - ouch! (all I can say is I'm glad the ass-hole is so much larger than the head-hole, otherwise you would have hit REALLY hard with you head in order to make a similar sized hole...)

    "Squirrel-gripped" - double-ouch!

    Australians - all of the ones I know or have met have always been really cool and friendly (10+), but sometimes the guys are a bit chauvinistic towards females (hey, Sheila), but that can be remedied by showing them how much (Canadian!) beer you can drink...

    Happy New Year!!

  19. Anonymous2:47 PM

    I'm surprised its not already here bu a severly adolescent and yet fitting for any male age group response to # 2 is "your meat"

  20. Australians are not only cool, they're sophisticated and generous, with excellent bottoms.

    In other news, greetings from Sydney.