Doing it wrong.

This has to be the ballsiest way ever to commit suicide:

Flesh-eating piranhas kill man in Bolivia
By The Associated Press

Authorities say piranhas attacked and killed a young man who leaped into a river infested with the flesh-eating fish in northeastern Bolivia.

Daniel Cayaya is a police official in the small city of Guayaramerin. He tells The Associated Press that the 18-year-old man was drunk when he jumped out of a canoe in the nearby town of Rosario del Yata, 400 miles north of the capital of La Paz.

Cayaya says the man bled to death after the attack, which occurred last Thursday. First word of the incident emerged Tuesday, when it was reported by the Erbol radio station.

Cayaya says the police suspect suicide because the man was a fisherman in the region who knew the Yata river well.

That's just crazy. It's like deciding to kill yourself by juggling a bunch of hornets nests while dancing a jig on a fire-ant hill.


  1. You know what's crazy Johnny......I've actually been to Guayaramerin......I've crossed that river on a ferry.

  2. worst part.. the fish *didn't finish him off* he bled to death *later*.
    that's really poor planning on his part.
    just sayin...

  3. Alcohol makes you do some stupid shit sometimes.

    Driving......Fucking a fat chick.....running through town naked.....jumping in a river full of piranhas....crazy shit like that.

    Stupid alcohol.

    Wish I had some right now.

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  5. A swan dive into a wood chipper would rank pretty high on the ballsy scale too, but this is nothing to sneeze at.

  6. At least he was drunk at the time and didn't do such a stupid thing sober!

  7. Maybe the fishes was a bit over the top but bleeding to death isn't a bad way to go - honest it isn't. As a professional in the art of watching people die I have had the dubious advantage of watching it on more than a few occasions and found it to be painless and rather quick - depending on the method of the blood letting. One of the best was a femoral artery bleed that lasted about 4 minutes without a wince. Intestinal bleeds - same thing. I only know that femoral gunshots are super fast and difficult to stop as the leg is hard to tourniquet but except for the fact that you are aware of it for the first 2 minutes or so - it probably actually doesn't hurt because shock is a pain reliever. Now a bunch of savage fish bites probably does hurt until the mass of em gets to you. I know TMI - but I know how you wish to be well informed. Thanks for the story.