Special Dark goes dark.

Some of you have asked about where the Special Dark posts have gone. Well, the sad story there is that Special Dark requested that I remove them. He didn't feel they adequately represented him as a person. Because he's a friend of mine, I agreed to his request.

I explained that the SD persona was a semi-fictional construct based on a real person (similar to Kramer on Seinfeld), but he still felt some of the comments were less than complimentary, and made by people not qualified to judge him, since they only really "knew" him via my posts.

So that's the story on that.

I will miss writing about his past (and future) escapades, and I can only hope I am present to witness them first-hand.

He was a good sport to play along for so long, and my life has a much higher level of ridiculous humor in it simply because I'm fortunate enough to know the magnificent bastard.

Sadly, I don't think realizes what a rock star he really is.

Or maybe he does, and just wants to kick my pasty white ass.

Either way, here's to SD. The only person I know worthy of their own reality show.


  1. Sad. I absolutely loved Special Dark. If it makes any difference, JV, I could tell from your writing that SD was a caricature of a person and not the real thing. You know those silly drawings people do on street corners? Where they make your somewhat slightly larger than average nose look humongous? That's what I figured you were doing with Special Dark: taking a small facet of his personality and blowing it out of proportion to create humour.

    Anyway, that's my two cents. We'll miss him.

    Special Dark - won't you reconsider? Any one with half a brain knows that you're probably a totally normal guy with a friend who is an incredibly funny writer.

  2. ps - Sorry if any of my comments about Special Dark contributed to the problem. I was just playing along. No offence intended.

  3. Aw, Special Dark, we'll miss you.
    Kudos to JV for respecting your wishes.

  4. What Claire said. And I hope Special Dark will reconsider.

  5. That's a shame. It was fun reading those posts. You couldn't make that stuff up, he was so real. People can be funny about the blogs though.

  6. Anonymous8:32 AM

    Awwwwwwww, too bad cause he was hysterical

  7. Aww...well, you can come hang out with me and write about my escapades, johnny. LOL

  8. Anonymous10:20 AM

    Special, you'll be missed. I really enjoyed reading about your escapades.....i hope you'll reconsider.

  9. C'MON S.D!!! SERIOUSLY??? I enjoyed reading about your escapades! Awwwwww, i wish you'd reconider =(....everything that Carolyn said is so true.

    In any case S.D...my best wishes are with you.

  10. Thats a bummer.

    We should turn this thread into a petition.

    Then you can print it out and show him how much his fans already miss him.

  11. Anonymous11:01 AM

    Oh crap! Now I really feel terrible. I was the idiot who made the stupid "Little Bus Special Dark" comment. I mainly did it because it was so easy. In truth, he just sounds like a normal, probably even bright, guy with poor self-editing skills. I regretted my comment the moment I sent it.

    I will really miss the Special Dark posts. I too have some friends that don't really inhibit or edit their conversation all that well. I really cherish them for that. It's nice sometimes when someone's words are a great big bay window you can look through into their soul - provided it's a nice soul, which really seems to be the case with SD.

    If you're out there, Special Dark, please accept my apology.


  12. I just read what happened about SD. I loved those posts and looked forward to hearing about these moments, very funny. Good luck and Good bye SD -Rest in Blog Peace.

  13. Anonymous2:23 PM

    Ok, so maybe you won't write about Special Dark anymore. But why not indulge us with a photo? You could even post simply a photo of him with various looks on his face. I'll bet that's all it takes. Tell him we'll send him money... he could be a gazillionaire Barak Obama style - fidy bucks over the Internet at a time. Methinks you need to rethinks

  14. Now that's just a shame. Those posts were amongst my very favourites. Please let Special Dark know that his fan base out on here on the Internet will miss him (even if he is quasi-fictional). SD, happy trails and all the best - you rock!

  15. Oh, the stories were absolutely true. It's just that they're taken out of the context of his normal life, and only show a single facet of his personality. His behavior isn't *always* completely inappropriate.

  16. SD was hot. I don't know a single girl I have sent your blog to who doesn't think, 'mmmm Special Dark' when thinking about him (he's got to love that) and his inappropriateness was hysterical. Made my day more than once. I doubt anyone reading about his escapades thinks he is a single faceted individual, who is? Escapades are exactly that, moments in time. In this case, moments worth writing about...

  17. Anonymous4:41 PM

    Dammit. I always like to hear about people who get themselves into "situations" sometimes, because I do it myself ALL the time & it makes me feel better.

    Besides, SD was somehow Barry White-esqe, and added some serious sex appeal to your blog. I'll miss him.

  18. Anonymous5:12 PM

    I always loved Pasties, white or slightly browned. My grandma was from the Upper Peninsula in Michigan and made a mean batch.

    Thanks for the memories. Now I'm hungry.

  19. Lew, I had no idea wtf those were until recently when I read "American Gods" by Neil Gaiman.

  20. Anonymous5:26 PM

    Ditto what Carolyn said.

    JV: When you write about the people near and dear to you, it's clear that you write about them with lots of love.

    Thanks for entries that always make me laugh! I hope SD will reconsider. I'd go as far to put my own gaffs out there for blog fodder if that'd convince him!

  21. I'm SO sad. Forget Good Friday. Today should be forever known as Special Dark Day.

  22. Anonymous11:22 PM

    Hey Johnny - What if, next time you have to go to a geek convention, SD is your guest blogger? Then he could tell a great JV story. I bet he's got a million of 'em.

  23. I had only recently come to know him and now he is gone. It sort of hurts but no one can take that week away from me. Four solid days of solitary chuckles because no matter our persuasion, I think we can all agree that there is a little Special Dark in all of us.

  24. Damn it, I'm gonna miss Special Dark. I think I worked with SP (or someone like him). Come on SP, won't you reconsider now that you have a following that loves you?

  25. Anonymous1:33 PM

    I too will miss Special Dark.

    I hope that in reading all these messages (you will read them, won't you SD?) that you will rest assured that we realize there is more to Special Dark than what gets posted here.

    We all know there is a strong, charming, well-educated, and obviously handsome man behind the myth.

  26. Special Dark - you will be missed.

    Who will fill the void?

  27. Anonymous11:00 AM

    I am terribly saddened by this. SD stories always remind me of my husband (he has no filter, either).

    But internet celebrity isn't for everyone, I guess. :(

  28. Anonymous11:49 AM

    Hey! I said, "Canada loves SD!" What was so bad about that?


  29. Anonymous2:27 PM

    You did the right thing JV. Real life friendships are always more important than virtual ones.