3 miles down from diesel town

We've been having a bit of bad luck lately, so my wife and I weren't able to take an extended backpacking trip like we had planned. Because of daily medications and IV fluids for a sick kitty who shall remain nameless (JD, you magnificent bastard!) and a bunch of other stuff involving the health of relatives and ex-places of employment, we have settled for some day hikes.

Tuesday, we drove up 28N and just pulled off the road at the first trailhead we saw, and figured we'd try our luck. I jumped out of the car and walked toward the trailhead sign to check out our hike du jour.

"Where do you want to go?" my wife asked, as she tossed her purse in the trunk and walked over to join me.

"Well," I said, looking up at the sign. "I can tell you there's one place we're staying right the fuck away from."


Ross pond, here we come.

The trail was pretty muddy, but we kept going. About a mile in we stopped hearing the traffic. Or at least we stopped thinking of it as traffic and started thinking of it as wind through the trees. About two miles in it was just wind through the trees. We hadn't checked a map, so we were taking bets as to whether this thing was going to be a sizeable pond, or just a mud puddle. About 1.8 miles in, we came across this unnamed body of water:

We stuck around for a bit, and discovered that it was the humble abode of Ms. Beaver and Mr. Duck, who seemed to be living together in direct defiance of all that is holy. When we moved on, we wished them luck, since we've heard those inter-species relationships are tough to hold together for the long haul.

Another mile or so up the trail, we found Ross pond. We don't know who Ross was, but dammit, we would love to own his pond.

We had the place to ourselves for the entire time we were there. I was trying to convince my lovely wife to go skinny dipping, but she was having none of it, and opted instead for her blanket in the shade.

She did snap this picture of me as I was threatening to strip down and go without her:

I didn't actually do it. The water was effin' COLD, and I already have enough problems with shrinkage. (And yes, I blurred my face, because after I posted it, I realized that this picture looks like I'm trying out for the redneck chippendale's calendar, and I didn't want to provide any ammunition for anyone.)

And before anyone says anything -- I know. I'm as white as the driven snow. That's what happens when you have a day job as a computer geek. Your skin takes on the same properties as this guy's.

We hiked out before dark, since we didn't have the right gear for night hiking, and the trail was a bit overgrown. Neither of us wanted to leave. All in all, we'd go back in a second, and we just might, once things calm down. It was a beautiful hike, and there are a few spots around the pond to camp. If they're all taken -- well, you can alway try your "luck" up the road a piece.

I know this was probably boring as hell to you folks, and roughly the equivalent of viewing someone's vacation photos. In fact, it was exactly the equivalent of viewing someone's vacation photos. It won't happen again.

I do have one more photo to share:

I think I've seen this sort of thing in a gay-tree porn video before.

The movie is only available in the more specialized adult video stores -- and even then, you have to ask the guy behind the counter for it.

I think it was called Ass Boulders IV - Bark Like A Tree.

Tell'em Johnny sent ya.

PS - It's up to you, but I'd recommend skipping Parts I-III. I've heard the saplings were under-age.


  1. Anonymous6:16 AM

    Wow! Look at those ripples...on that nice pond.

    Forincating beavers & ducks and a tree doing it with a rock...oy vey.

  2. Congrats on getting out! It looks beautiful.


  3. Anonymous9:08 AM

    Well, Mr. Virgil, you have a lovely wife!

  4. Anonymous11:06 AM

    That tree looks a lot like how I felt when you brought me snowboarding on icey West Mtn. That gin-blossom took weeks to heal.

  5. Jesus Christ JV-it looks like something is wrong with your stomach. It seems to be...in shape and rippling with muscles. What is up with that? You DO work with computers, no? Hmm...this is very peculiar-a computer geek with a nice body. This may be a first.

    P.S. I smell a new desktop wallpaper for Sarah's computer.

  6. Anonymous2:02 PM

    It's all airbrush. And that's not his wife, it came with the frame.

  7. It? IT??? You called my wife an IT? Don't make me start scanning pictures of you.

  8. Actually, I think

    a) your wife is prettier than that picture - it doesn't do her justice

    b) you look like you're turning invisible and it kind of creeped me out

    c) the tree thing is just weird but I've gotten used to that from you

  9. That wasn't a boring post at all! Your wife is pretty cute, and yes that totally looks like a calender shot. Your story reminds me of the time Mike and my sister convinced me to hike 3 miles up a big ass mountain at Lake Louise, Alberta. We started at 5000 feet elevation and went to 8000 feet. It rained, then as we got higher it snowed. I nearly died.

  10. Your wife is really pretty! So are the photos of the lake. Nice abs too, don't worry my legs could compete for paleness. They're like, clear.
    Oh and interesting boulder sucking, ass tree photo there. How do you find these things?

  11. Great photos, hope you both can still sneak out for more of those hikes. Tree porn is optional...I hope?

  12. Dude, that pic of you would totally work for Half-Nekkid Thursday. And I'm sure your lovely wife wouldn't mind if I complimented your smokin' abs...